• How Was New Year’s Eve Celebrated at Magic Kingdom?

    How Was New Year’s Eve Celebrated at Magic Kingdom?

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Jan 03, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 14, 2024

    How Was New Year’s Eve Celebrated at Magic Kingdom?

    Hey folks, we are in a new year already, and it is still a little bit hard to believe that we are leaving 2023 behind. To help give closure to 2023, let’s see how Magic Kingdom, one of the most magical places in the world, gave a warm welcome to 2024.

    Fireworks everywhere!

    Even though we know Disney loves to light up the sky with fireworks every time possible, they did a special show for the New Year’s Eve Celebration. Let’s keep in mind that every fireworks show is different in its own way, from the lighting colors, the disposition in the sky, and even the time length is what makes every light show unique (we’re not experts, but we have learned a few things from all our time in Disney).

    The annual show is called Fantasy in the Sky, and is only able to be seen by visitors two days before the arrival of New Year.

    magic kingdom disney  (2).webp

    What happens during the celebration?

    Usually, people gather around the main spot, the iconic Cinderella Castle. However, it's safe to say that Main Street U.S.A. is full of guests expecting the show to start as well.

    magic kingdom disney  (4).webp

    Then several lights start appearing in motion, illuminating the Castle and the background sound is a delightful interpretation of classical Disney songs. Immediately after that, the castle goes all dark and starts sparkling as if magic dust has been poured all over by Tinker Bell. Cute!

    The show continues with an enchanting voice that narrates a fairy tale and walks you through the beginning of the fireworks spectacle, which is combined with a colorful lighting spectacle and (of course) Disney music playing in the background, which is such a magical feeling.

    magic kingdom disney  (1).webp

    Right when everyone thinks the show is over, Mickey and his friends take over the microphone and start informing everyone, in a fun way, that the countdown for the New Year is ready to begin. Then a countdown can be seen projected on the castle walls, and everyone goes crazy to welcome the New Year.

    It was certainly a magical moment for all Disney guests who were part of this unique way of saying hi to 2024.

    magic kingdom disney  (1)-1.webp

    Any tips for the next time I want to go?

    Si, we have a few tips that could help you enjoy this at maximum. Keep them in mind when it's time to welcome 2025.

    • Be as early as possible
    • Grab a spot for you and your crew
    • Buy enough snacks and water (because later it's harder to move through the big crows)
    • Go to the restroom before staying at the spot
    • Take turns in order to save your seats
    • Wear comfortable clothes yet festive (ok, this one is optional, but we love to show off a little bit)
    • Have fun! And keep in mind your 2024 dreams before the countdown begins (this just adds a touch of magic to your experience)

    Disney truly knows how to end the year on a high note at Magical Kingdom, and do not worry if you couldn’t be part of this incredible experience, now you have an idea of what to expect and be prepared for this year’s celebration! 

    It's never too soon to start planning everything, right? We know this better than everybody. Send us a message, and we can also help you out and plan your next trup to Disney, be it for late 2024 or if you want to meet Mickey right now!

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