• Pin Trading Is Back Stronger Than Ever at Disney World

Pin Trading Is Back Stronger Than Ever at Disney World

Luiz Alberto H.

Created: Apr 09, 2024

Last Updated: Apr 12, 2024

Pin Trading Is Back Stronger Than Ever at Disney World


Hey, are you a fan of collecting everything related to Disney? Do you own dozens of Magic Bands, keep Fast Passes from the 2000s in your pocket and love to keep your physical Disney tickets with you? Well, we've got great news for you! Pin Trading is making a comeback at Disney World! And not just Pin Trading - now you can enjoy Cast-to-Guest Pin Trading, meaning Disney staff are ready to trade with you as you wander around the park.

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Pins are just one of the many things you can collect at Disney World. I remember that, some time ago, coins were something that were extremely popular. You'd drop a penny into a machine, choose your design, and voilà! Your coin transformed into a cool metal plate celebrating a Disney moment or character. But now, it's all about pins. They're the latest craze, poised to steal the spotlight in 2024.

Cast members are back to help you out

So, where can you actually get pins to kickstart your collection? You can easily find them at the Disney stores scattered around the park. Once you have some, you can trade the ones you don’t fancy for fresh designs. Then, it's time to showcase them on your favorite t-shirts, your backpack, or even on your lanyard. Pin collecting is a cool hobby, especially for kids eager to amass a colorful collection of artwork featuring Star Wars characters, Disney princesses, and beloved heroes from Pixar films.

Now, you can also acquire and swap pins with Cast Members, easily spotted wearing lanyards adorned with their own fancy collections. But here's the real kicker: they often carry hidden and exclusive designs that you won't find in stores! Yep, some pins are only available through them, making Pin trading rather exciting.

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Disney also tells us to not be afraid to approach cast members and ask them about their Pins. In fact, you should even just ask about their favorite Pins, or even how you can get your collection started. They are there not only to help you out, but share some cool stories about some designs and the meaning behind each artwork. That’s the spirit of Pin collecting, by the way. They exist so you can remember specific moments in Disney, be it your first time aboard Spaceship Earth or when you finally decided to ride Mission: Space and land on Mars.

Seriously, I would be all over this if I was younger. I loved collecting stuff, especially around thirteen years old, and even snagged a few of the special artwork coins during my visit to Disney World. This also seems like a very cool hobby for families to bond together and chase an elusive Pin that they need to complete their collection.

What about you, have you ever collected anything related to Disney? Send us a message and share your memories! We are also here if you need any help reaching Walt Disney World. Until the next one!

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