• Flight of Passage Still Is the Best Simulator at Disney

Flight of Passage Still Is the Best Simulator at Disney

Luiz Alberto H.

Created: Apr 09, 2024

Last Updated: Apr 12, 2024

Flight of Passage Still Is the Best Simulator at Disney

Did you know Famvia now has a page dedicated to reviews of all kinds? Yep, you can find stuff like this there, and much more! We have every major ride in Epcot for you to look at, and we are now working through Animal Kingdom. It's why we wanted to bring you one of the most fun motion simulators of all time: Avatar Flight of Passage!

Say hello to the best visuals in any 3D Ride

Welcome to Pandora! Time to say hi to all the giant blue people, weird alien plants and giant mechs. Ah, we can always count on James Cameron to create awesome worlds. My favorite is still Aliens, but I don’t hate the Na’vi. I mean, I guess no one hates the Na’vi, which explains how the Avatar franchise has been a box office sensation for so long.

Pandora ride Disney AK.webp

So, is Flight of Passage also a massive blockbuster success? I guess it is, really. I mean, it’s by far the most popular ride in Animal Kingdom, with queues easily reaching two hours during peak time. It’s also a very fun motion simulator! You hop on a futuristic bike that looks like something from Tron, put on 3D glasses and then it’s time to take a stroll over Pandora. Yeah, over it. You are not exactly on a bike, but on something that resembles a glider, which makes sense since the name of the attraction is “Flight of Passage” and not Cycling of Passage or something.

Vehicles in Flight of Passage are individual, meaning that you will have your very own bike. Oh, your vehicle is also always in place, which might remind you of something like Star Tours or The Simpsons Ride, which is disappointing to some. What is cool, though, is that you have your very own TV screen in front of you, where a movie plays out and your bik- - glider twitches to the sides to follow what’s happening in front of you.

If this all sounds very simple it’s because it is. Really, in theory there is nothing really new about Flight of Passage. What makes it one of the best motion simulators in Florida is that everything is really, really well done. I have a problem with motion simulators sometimes, since the screen can look low resolution and blurry, but the textures and colors in Flight of Passage are the best I’ve ever seen. This makes the ride way more immersive and just way more fun, since the colors and characters really pop out. Pandora is also well known for the vibrant flora and beautiful oceans, so it’s cool that the screen really comes alive.

Pandora ride Disney AK 5 (2).webp
Once you exit the ride, it's time to take pics next to giant mechs!

It’s especially impressive that the textures and resolution look that good for a 3D ride. It’s a well known fact that a lot of 3D rides look kinda bad and lose color (just look at the Harry Potter rides in Universal Orlando), but Avatar does manage to look incredible. I do believe that these motion simulator rides need constant updates every few years, with the screens and movies changing, so maybe Flight of Passage will look dated as time goes by. For now, though? It looks really cool.

Oh, do you wanna know why the screen looks that good? Apparently they are in 10k resolution and run at 60 frames per second. This high resolution and frame rate combo makes everything appear incredibly crisp, almost like you're playing a video game. Speaking of which, running a game at 4k resolution with top-notch graphics already enhances the detail up close. So, just picture the level of detail on a screen with 10k resolution!


So, what do you actually see here? You get to spot a bunch of alien creatures and flora, as well as other Na’vi riding gliders just like yours. You also fly over a huge ocean and even spot something that resembles a whale jumping down there. The visuals are the star of the show, even if your vehicle doesn’t twitch around a lot. As I told you before, you shake a bit to the side and there is also a fan in front of you to give you the idea that the wind is blowing in your face.

Will Kids enjoy it?

There is a good chance that your children will love this one. Just a heads up though, Flight of Passage has a ride height requirement of 44 inches, meaning your little adventurers should be around six years old to hop on board. Keep in mind, the ride vehicles accommodate only one passenger at a time, so your child will be on their own for a few minutes. But don't worry, the vehicles aren't enclosed in separate spaces, so your young Na’vi can still catch glimpses of you nearby.

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