• Test Track Is Evolving... Again!

Test Track Is Evolving... Again!

Luiz Alberto H.

Created: Apr 05, 2024

Last Updated: Apr 08, 2024

Test Track Is Evolving... Again!

A quick Pit Stop

Test Track is officially changing for a third time.

The classic Epcot attraction, which launched back in 1999, is going through a third update starting this June 17, 2024. Yes, the ride will be closed for several months after that.

That’s it. That’s the piece of news, folks. Hey, don't blame us. Disney didn't reveal many details, but they did unveil a piece of concept art depicting the vehicle navigating a turn amidst several trees, which is actually an image from 2023. Could this hint at a transformative experience for Epcot, where Test Track 3.0 brings guests to diverse environments like forests, frozen tundras and other biomes?

Walt Disney World©

It’s cool to see a new update coming to one of the best rides in Epcot. This rumor has been going around for a few years, and gained even more force since a lot of people are not big fans of Test Track 2.0, which debuted in 2012 and gave the ride a more futuristic touch. More than ten years later, the futuristic looking cars are probably going to give way to something else. Chevrolet is still a sponsor, so maybe there is a chance we will see super cars like Camaros and Corvettes zipping around the main building?

What will we be driving, I wonder?

There are new rumors going around that the new Test Track will tell the history of automotive motorsport, and this would really be amazing. Imagine starting the ride with your vehicle lacking ABS and resisting braking, mirroring the early challenges faced by so many amazing drivers. Then, brace yourself for the adrenaline rush as the ride catapults you into a high-speed section, emulating the sheer power of a Formula One car tearing around the track. Awesome.

Epcot Test Track Building Station.webp

I'm curious if they're planning any new surprises for this updated version. While I wouldn't anticipate major changes, perhaps we can expect some fresh tracks or sections to make it feel fresh. It's worth noting that Test Track 2.0 introduced the feature of guests building their own virtual cars in the queue, which were then tested during the ride. Kids in particular really enjoyed coming up with some crazy vehicles, so I also wonder if Test Track 3.0 will have something like that.

That is a looong time to wait...

It is, however, disappointing that Test Track will be closed during the entire summer. This means that it won’t be open in July, considered by many one of the busiest months in Disney World. Epcot already gets crowded in the summer, now imagine the park without one of the most popular rides! I bet that the queue for Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure will reach something like 3 hours and the Lightning Lane for Cosmic Rewind will be selling like water in the desert.

Epcot Test Track Build Car Vehicle.webp

The last time Test Track closed for updates, it took a whopping eight months before the ride reopened. If it shuts down mid-June this time around, we can anticipate the grand debut of Test Track 3.0 around February 2025.

That’s a lot of extra time to spend walking around the World Showcase.

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