• Test Track

Test Track

Luiz Alberto H.

Created: Mar 26, 2024

Last Updated: Apr 25, 2024

Test Track
  • Year: 1999
  • Type: Thrill Ride
  • Single rider line: Yes
  • Minimum Height: 40″
  • Ride Duration: 5min
  • Very original
  • Great setpieces
  • Last section is super fun
  • Breaks down a lot

You are going to feel the Need for Speed

For a long time, Test Track was THE attraction to go for all Epcot lovers. It still is a must see ride, even after its initial launch way back in 1999. Test Track is a thrill ride which puts you in the shoes of a… test dummy? Or something like that. The thing is, it’s a simulation that shows the rigorous testing procedures in your everyday car. Procedures that include how a vehicle reacts under cold/warm weather, how it handles climbing a mountain and how the Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS) works. Yeah, lot's of car stuff for the car enthusiasts out there.

You and up to five other guests board a vehicle, ready to accelerate, brake, and navigate steep curves. The testing procedures serve as the perfect excuse for your vehicle to move in unpredictable and thrilling ways. But the real highlight comes during the final test: a speed trial on the outer track, encircling the entire attraction, where your vehicle can reach speeds of up to 64.9 mph. This makes Test Track the fastest ride in all of Walt Disney World!


I do like that this attraction is super original and fun. Imagine a motion simulator like Islands of Adventure's The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man, but where your vehicle goes way faster and bounces way more than usual. Don't worry, though, the bouncing is mainly to simulate a car making a curve, so you won't be spinning or experiencing anything that might induce a headache. What's remarkable is that each section of Test Track feels like a mini-ride in itself: sometimes you're accelerating only to brake suddenly, and other times you're climbing hills while making sharp turns. It's pretty fun and I can't think of another attraction like that in Disney World or Universal Orlando.

Test Track is definitely a fan favorite, so queue times tend to be on the long side. Something between 40 to 60 min is definitely expected. Here is a good tip, though: the single rider queue usually works really well in Test Track, and there is a good chance you will even enter the same vehicle with a friend or a family member. Do you want another tip? Test Track likes to break down from time to time, so make sure you come here early. Make this your first ride in the park, or come right after Remy's Ratatouille Adventure or Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind.


One last thing, as soon as you exit the vehicle, you will make your way inside a showroom with a bunch of cool cars sponsored by Chevrolet. Corvettes and Mustangs are just a few examples of the machines you can take pictures or even enter if you wish.

Test Track is updated every few years, and it appears that Test Track 3.0 is coming sometime in 2024, which meand that the attraction will be closed during a few months. What do they exactly update, you may ask? Well, Test Track 2.0 gave the attraction a rather futuristic look, which actually got mixed reviews from guests. There was more neon used during the attraction and the special effects almost looked like something right out of Tron. It appears that the futuristic look will give space to something else. Maybe something inspired by Formula One or just really fast cars? Yeah, give me Ferraris and a McLaren!

Will kids enjoy it?

Test Track is a blast, especially for kids who adore the thrilling finale where the car zooms around the building at top speed. While it's a thrilling ride, it's not as intense as a roller coaster or Mission: Space. Essentially, it's a motion simulator with an added speed element, making it a fun experience for the whole family.

Young kids may ger spooked by the sudden bursts of acceleration or when the car breaks but, then again, it's not something very intense. In fact, it is less intense than something like Universal Studios' Revenge of the Mummy, when your vehicle goes backwards and suddenly stops right after the scarab setpiece.

I'd say that you should bring your kids here! If they love motion simulators like Transformers 3D and The Amazing Adventures of Spider Man, there is a good chance they will have a blast in Test Track.

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