• Astro Orbiter

Astro Orbiter

Luiz Alberto H.

Created: Apr 26, 2024

Last Updated: Apr 30, 2024

Astro Orbiter
  • Year: 1974
  • Type: Aerial Carousel
  • Single rider line: No
  • Minimum Height: None
  • Ride Duration: 90secs
  • More thrilling than Dumbo
  • Uncomfortable
  • Can cause motion sickness

Astro Orbiter Review

I'm a rocket man, spinning up here here all alone

Astro Orbiter is pretty old school. How old school are we talking about? Well, it first opened its doors in 1974 under the name “Star Jets” before undergoing a retheme and adopting its current moniker, Astro Orbiter in 1994. You just need to take a good look at it from afar to know that this is a ride that screams theme parks and carnival rides.

Magic Kingdom Astro Orbiter sign.webp

This is yet another aerial carousel in Magic Kingdom, joining the likes of Dumbo the Flying Elephant and the The Magic Carpets of Aladdin, which means that this is also a fun option for families and kids. How does it fare against the competition? We can definitely say that Dumbo has a pretty neat playground which sets that attraction around from the rest, and Aladdin is, well, Aladdin, which might be enough for some guests. Without a specific franchise tie-in, what makes this Astro Orbiter feel special?

The Good

Astro Orbiter doesn’t have a neat queue and the theme here is “board a rocket shaped vehicle and spin around”, which is more than okay in my opinion. This is also the most… thrilling… ride when it comes to Magic Kingdom’s aerial carousels. This doesn’t mean that you will be moving at lightning speeds or that the G-forces will crush you, no, but Astro Orbiter is a bit faster than both Dumbo and Aladdin. 

Magic Kingdom Astro Orbiter elevator.webp

Additionally, it sits higher above the ground, and the vehicle feels more compact, which adds to the thrill and creates the sensation of riding faster than usual. Your vehicle also tilts at an angle as you use a joystick to move up and down, which can even make you slide a bit across your seat. If you want something a little bit faster than the most traditional aerial carousels out there, then you might have a good time here.

The Bad

Astro Orbiter's higher speed may make it more uncomfortable for certain guests. Online reviews often mention complaints about the seats being too small, much like those in Space Mountain but even flatter, making it challenging to enter and especially exit the vehicle. Additionally, some guests report experiencing nausea due to the spinning motion. Many comments even dub this attraction as a thrill ride in disguise!

Magic Kingdom Astro Orbiter vehicle 2.webp
Walt Disney World©

If you struggle with motion sickness or dislike tight seating, you might want to pass on this ride. Hopefully, Disney will consider updating the vehicles in the future, perhaps making them larger like those found in Dumbo. Online comments often attribute motion sickness to the reclined seating position required on Astro Orbiter, which makes it look like you are almost lying down.

Magic Kingdom Astro Orbiter vehicle.webp
Walt Disney World©

Will Kids enjoy it?

The real question here should be, “Will Parents enjoy it?” If you're prone to motion sickness and dislike tight spaces, you might want to skip Astro Orbiter. Your kids will likely find Dumbo and Aladdin more enjoyable anyway. However, if the seating isn't an issue for you and you think your kids are craving something more thrilling, then Astro Orbiter might be worth a try, especially considering the usually short queues.

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