• Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean

Luiz Alberto H.

Created: Apr 25, 2024

Last Updated: Apr 26, 2024

Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Year: 1973
  • Type: Boat Ride
  • Single rider line: No
  • Minimum Height: None
  • Ride Duration: 8min
  • Lots of setpieces
  • It's a long ride

This iconic old-timer is still Arrright in 2024

Sorry about the bad pun, my friends. It won’t happen again. Now, Arrrr you ready to know more about one of Magic Kingdom’s oldest rides?

A lot of people didn’t know that Jack Sparrow & co only became a blockbuster hit because of this Disney attraction, which originally debuted in Disneyland back in 1967, and then came to Magic Kingdom in 1973. Truth be told, there isn’t much about it, but you do have the chance to see a Jack Sparrow animatronic, sing Yo-ho Yo-ho a Pirate’s Life for Me and enjoy a boat ride that is actually pretty long compared to most dark rides out there.

Magic Kingdom Pirates of the Caribbean entrance.webp

Pirates of the Caribbean is a dark/boat ride where you will be traversing the high seas while spotting a bunch of (drunk) pirates that are causing all sorts of trouble just for being… pirates. It’s in their DNA, after all. Which means you will see them drinking rum, sleeping on the streets, firing cannons from pirate ships and fighting with sharp swords. 

Pirates is a typical Magic Kingdom attraction that everyone in the family can enjoy and is aimed at guests of all ages. Of course, this ride has gone through many updates and transformations since it debuted over fifty years ago, but it still managed to keep its original charm. There are some very cool scenarios and setpieces here, that range from dark and mysterious caves to beaches littered with (pirate) skeletons, giant pirate ships, undead pirates, medieval looking villages and more. 

Magic Kingdom Pirates of the Caribbean pirate.webp

There are a great number of animatronics as well to keep everyone entertained, from animals to monsters and, yes, pirates. They aren’t as well made as recent ones we spot in Animal Kingdom’s World of Pandora, but they are charming and well made. 

I love that so many of them share the same setpieces, which makes scenes come alive and get you involved more in the storyline. You will see chickens, seagulls, dogs, skinny pirates, fat pirates, pirates with flintlocks, pirates with swords, pirates without weapons and pirates that are all dirty. Which is all of them. One of the rules of being a pirate is not showering, after all. 

Magic Kingdom Pirates of the Caribbean jail.webp

This is just a very feels-good ride that evokes that nostalgic charm of a classic theme park. The scenarios are big enough, there are a lot of animatronics and some fun scenes for you to watch. Oh, the classic movie scene of pirates in a jail cell waving a bone to get the dog’s attention? That’s from Pirates of the Caribbean as well.

Almost forgot, you also get to see a guy named Jack Sparrow in numerous moments.

Will Kids enjoy it?

Most kids will enjoy Pirates of the Caribbean. This is a great ride to come and just enjoy the visuals. The animatronics of all the pirates are very well made, even if some of them might be a little scary to young children. Maybe some of the cannonball effects might also scare your little ones, so keep that in mind.

Magic Kingdom Pirates of the Caribbean ship.webp

But hey, don't expect any wild thrills here: no sudden drops, no crazy movements, it's just a relaxed boat ride for us pirate enthusiasts. Plus, you'll catch a glimpse of a special animatronic Jack Sparrow. But for teens craving excitement, Pirates might be a bit slow-paced and lacking that thrill factor, so just something to keep in mind.

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