• Choose Your Favorite Hotel at Disneyland!

Choose Your Favorite Hotel at Disneyland!

Jennifer Alejandra M.

Created: Mar 18, 2024

Last Updated: Apr 05, 2024

Choose Your Favorite Hotel at Disneyland!

Sleep close to the fun

Who doesn't love exploring the beautiful wonders of Disneyland? Especially if you're someone who enjoys hopping from one attraction to another throughout the park. However, sometimes a single day just isn't enough time to experience everything it has to offer.

Or maybe you realize how much you want to try the Star Wars ride but didn’t make space in your daily itinerary (hypothetical situation for sure). Rest assured that Disneyland has the solution for you.

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Stay there! And no I don’t mean in the parking lot inside your car (I don’t even think that’s possible... but, hey, that would save time, huh?). Actually, forget about it. I mean stay at one of the hotels the park has available for guests like you. Let’s take a look at them.

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe... What options can I choose from? 

Like many theme parks, Disneyland offers the option of staying at Good Neighbor Hotels, which are hotels approved by Disney and conveniently located near the park.

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However, if you wish to immerse yourself completely in the magic of Disneyland without ever leaving Mickey Mouse behind (or behind just for a few hours), you have the chance to do so. Guests can choose from three Disneyland hotels located within the park itself. It's up to you to decide which one captures your attention the most.

Disney’s Grand California Hotel & Spa

This hotel offers an elegant yet traditional style, plus the benefit of enjoying the new Spa Tenaya Stone. Guests can choose to stay in the room with the view they like the most (standard, pool, partial, forest, patio, or downtown Disney) or if they want an ultimate view and comfort experience, there are many suites available as well.

The availability of each room or suite will vary depending on your chosen staying dates. It's best to book well in advance to ensure you secure your desired accommodations.

Disneyland Hotel

This place is perfect if you can't decide between a modern room or a cozier one, all in the same vicinity (almost). If guests opt for the former, they'll be staying at the main Disneyland hotel, surrounded by a mix of luxury and magic.

However, if they choose the latter, they'll be staying at a more homey place: the brand-new Villas at the hotel, which will be the perfect choice for those seeking a cozy retreat.

No worries, both alternatives share all the facilities and services, such as pools, restaurants, waterslides, and more.

Pixar Place Hotel

All Pixar fans, or guests who love to stay at themed hotels, will surely have a blast while sleeping surrounded by so much magic. This recently renovated hotel is the perfect place to keep the fun of Pixar following you around during your Disney adventures.

It's a wonderful blend of comfort, relaxation, and magnificence. From the lobby to its numerous rooms, you'll find yourself surrounded by delightful Pixar hints and beloved characters from this classic company at every turn.

Ready to have the best sleep of your life?

Contact our team, and we'll ensure you get the best room option at the best price, tailored to your schedule and preferences. Don't hesitate to ask any further questions! Our team is more than happy to assist you in any way possible.

Until the next one, friend!

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