• Disneyland Is Bringing BACK Unexpected Shows for 2024

    Disneyland Is Bringing BACK Unexpected Shows for 2024

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Dec 27, 2023

    Last Updated: Dec 27, 2023

    Disneyland Is Bringing BACK Unexpected Shows for 2024

    In just a couple of days, Disney will be lighting up the sky with the traditional fireworks spectacle, indicating to guests that we are ready to receive the new year in the most vibrant and lively place of all. 

    When we think we have everything planned, well, think twice, because Disneyland is already two steps ahead. We are prepared this time, and can share a few tips so you have an awesome vacation in the Happiest Place on Earth starting next year.

    Is there any special comeback for 2024?

    Many fans (us included) have been wondering if Disneyland will be bringing back at least one of our all-time favorite shows, the ones that have conquered our hearts for good in the past.

    Well, it seems luck is on our side, because Disney has officially confirmed the comeback of some of the most beloved and highly praised shows and parades for next year. We cannot contain our excitement to share them with you! Let’s break down the news.

    Which shows are back?

    Do you all remember early this year when we were all crying our tears out, because Disneyland had announced the last date to watch the Wondrous Journeys spectacular, which was a special for Disney100 celebrations, and had instantly robbed fans' hearts since day one?

    Ok, maybe it was only me who was crying about this news, but c’mon, we truly loved it! Disney said, no more tears dear friends, because they are bringing it back for 2024. Ahhh, how exciting!

    The Wondrous Journeys

    The Wondrous Journeys nighttime spectacle will be making a comeback from March 22nd until April 14th, 2024. So, get ready for a magical visual experience with all the mesmerizing lighting effects plus the characteristic fireworks that Disney dearly loves.



    Mickey's Mix Magic

    Speaking of lighting effects, did you know that Mickey’s Mix Magic will be joining Disneyland in 2024 as well? How wonderful, right? Guests will enjoy this captivating nighttime show that commemorates the most iconic character of all Disney, Mickey Mouse, from January 8th to March 21st & from April 15th to April 25th, 2024.

    Pixar Fest

    But do not expect that this powerful duo will be returning alone, oh no! They will be part of Pixar Fest and will be displayed right before the grand finale, the presentation of the brand-new Pixar Nighttime Spectacular “Together Forever”. Well, this one is actually a comeback as well, but we are expecting a new twist here.

    What a way to end the night, right? Or maybe Disney has another secret under the sleeve. We can't be sure about it, since Disney loves to surprise us.



    Are you ready for next year's magical journey through Disneyland?

    Do not miss out on this incredible opportunity to watch again these enchanted comebacks, plus the new additions in the best place of all, Disneyland! Contact us and let us help you plan next year's adventure in the easiest and fastest way possible. Until the next one!

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