• Duffy Fans, This One Is for You!

Duffy Fans, This One Is for You!

Gabriela V.

Created: Mar 25, 2024

Last Updated: Apr 05, 2024

Duffy Fans, This One Is for You!

A NEW party at Hong Kong Disneyland

Hey Duffy and Friends fans! Get ready for a magical makeover at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort! From March 15 to June 10, the resort will be transformed into a Duffy and Friends paradise. You'll get to see Duffy and his pals in brand-new outfits, enjoy the delightful "The Joy of Sharing" show, try CookieAnn's sweet surprises with "Sharing is Sweet," witness the awesome return of "StellaLou's Wonderful Wishes Ballet," and experience more than you ever dreamed of! Yep, that's a lot, but that cute bear deserves it.

To kick off the festivities, the resort invited passionate Duffy and Friends enthusiasts to set the tone. Dressed in attire inspired by their favorite characters, fans traveled from far and wide to immerse themselves in the delectable Duffy Fans experience.

Get ready to witness the majestic backdrop of the Castle of Magical Dreams as fans reveled in the new Duffy and Friends "The Joy of Sharing" show. It's a vibrant display of spring-themed exuberance accompanied by lively melodies that will surely make you happy.

Duffy and Friends Play House is a haven for fans, where they can meet with Duffy, ShellieMay, StellaLou, Gelatoni, CookieAnn, ‘Olu Mel, and LinaBell. CookieAnn even orchestrated a magical “Sharing is Sweet” moment which added an extra sparkle of magic to the fest.

Now the Anticipation is huge for the return of “StellaLou’s Wonderful Wishes Ballet” on April 5, because it's a touching narrative of StellaLou’s journey towards realizing her dreams, with support from Duffy, LinaBell, and Gelatoni.

And, of course, no festive celebration is complete without treats! Fans savored different delicious delights, including the Hokkaido 5.0 Milk with white Peach Flavored Soft Serve, CookieAnn’s Waffle Marshmallow, and the irresistible Duffy and Friends Donuts.

For those eager to prolong the magic, the Duffy and Friends Spring Series offers an amazing collection of must-have merchandise. From plush toys to home decorations, there's something for everyone to enjoy and cherish as a cool memento of this special experience.

Stay tuned with Famvia for more news about Duffy and Friends' adventures at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. Send us a message if you have any questions about Disneyland, Disney Hong Kong or if you are still wondering "who is that Duffy guy?". We are here to lend you a hand. Until the next one!

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