• Make a Wish and Disney partner up in another great story

    Make a Wish and Disney partner up in another great story

    Gabriela V.

    Created: Dec 12, 2023

    Last Updated: Dec 13, 2023

    Make a Wish and Disney partner up in another great story

    Do you remember the excitement of your first ride on the Incredicoaster at Disneyland Resort? The anticipation before the take off, the thrilling drop, and all the screams? 

    For the 11 year old "Make A Wish" kid Ross, this experience was a wish come true, a culmination of dreams over several years.

    Ross, an aspiring Disney Imagineer from New York diagnosed with leukemia, found solace and inspiration during his treatment through the Disney+ series, “Behind the Attraction.” 

    His wish? 

    To meet the Disney Imagineers, explore the complications of designing Disney coasters, and experience them firsthand at Disneyland Resort during his inaugural visit to a Disney park. That's certainly a wonderful wish!

    Walt Disney Imagineering: Crafting Experiences

    On the Walt Disney Imagineering side, the creative powerhouse is the one BEHIND the magic, envisions, designs, and breathes life into Disney Experiences, ranging from THEME PARKS and RESORTS to attractions and cruise ships. 

    Behind the Scenes

    MAKE A WISH 4.avif

    Firstly, Ross joined them at Imagineering’s Headquarters in Glendale, California, for an exclusive behind the scenes tour, a one time opportunity. Imagineering stands as a creative force, a historical treasure, a dream factory, a hub of science and technology, and a place of legend that Walt Disney himself envisioned

    Ross got the chance to get into this wonderland, meet the magicians who bring dreams to life, including Ride Engineering Studio Executive Mark Mesko and Principal Production Designer Ric Turner.

    They revealed the collaborative efforts of Disney in crafting captivating coaster stories.

    From Concept to Reality

    MAKE A WISH 3.avif

    Next, it was time to witness these concepts materialize at Disneyland Resort. Ross, accompanied by the Walt Disney Imagineering Anaheim team, including Creative Development Executive Steve Roach, looked into the process of transforming attraction ideas into realities.

    Finally, the pinnacle of Ross’ wish is to ride the Incredicoaster

    A Wish Defined in One Word: “Surreal”

    MAKE A WISH 4.avif

    When Ross was asked to define this wish in a single word, Ross aptly chose “Surreal.

    For over 40 years, Disney and "Make a Wish" have collaborated to bring joy to wish kids and their families worldwide. Since the very first day an official wish was granted at Disneyland Resort, Disney has fulfilled over 150,000 wishes globally with "Make a Wish" and we hope this continues to bring smiles to kids over the next thousands of years!

    Congratulations to Ross, and a lovely thank you to all the Imagineers for coming up with the perfect wish. 

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