• The Top 5 Restaurants at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

    The Top 5 Restaurants at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

    Gabriela V.

    Created: Dec 08, 2023

    Last Updated: Dec 08, 2023

    The Top 5 Restaurants at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

    Disney's Animal Kingdom may have more restaurant options than any other park we can think of, so we decided to make a list with our top five choices that you definitely need to VISIT next time you're around the World of Pandora and Expedition Everest. 

    While Animal Kingdom rides and shows are very well known, the culinary offerings often go a little bit unnoticed. Let's fix that, shall we?

    1. Yak & Yeti: A Fusion Feast

     Yak & Yeti- A Fusion Feast.avif

    Yak & Yeti stands out as our favorite dining spot, offering Asian inspired entrees in both table service and quick service settings. The table service venue, with its "Nepalese" style ambiance, boasts an extensive menu, including adult meals priced between $15 and $34.99

    The quick service option provides similar delights at a quicker pace and a lower price. We have some recommendations including the Firecracker Shrimp and Ahi Tuna Nachos, creating a delightful dining experience.

    2. Tusker House: Safari Inspired Character Buffet

    Tusker House- Safari Inspired Character Buffet.avif

    We love SAFARI, celebrated as the only character buffet in the entire park, which combines delicious cuisine with a unique experience. With African inspired dishes, the buffet offers a wide variety, making it worth the higher price tag. 

    Tusker House- Safari Inspired Character Buffet 1.avif

    Breakfast is priced at $47 for adults and $30 for kids, while lunch and dinner are $62 per adult and $40 per child.

    3. Satu’li Canteen: Extraterrestrial Delights

    Some days can be really hot and if you are looking for a quick, air-conditioned meal, Satu’li Canteen in Pandora is a MUST visit. This cafeteria style restaurant presents a dining experience with customizable bowls featuring diverse options. 

    Satu’li Canteen- Extraterrestrial Delights.avif

    The cheeseburger pods steal the show, delighting both adults and kids alike. You can find meals priced at $14.99 and under for adults and a kid's menu ranging from $7 to $9, it's a delicious but budget friendly choice.

    4. Flame Tree Barbecue: Smokin’ BBQ

    Flame Tree Barbecue- Smokin’ BBQ.avif

    For barbecue lovers, Flame Tree Barbecue offers a delectable outdoor dining experience. Enjoy a BBQ pulled pork mac and cheese, french fries with pulled pork and cheese, and other classic BBQ options. The price ranges from $15 to $34.99 for adults.

    5. Tiffins: A Culinary Odyssey

    Tiffins:Nomad Lounge- A Culinary Odyssey.avif

    You must have heard of this one, Tiffins, Animal Kingdom's signature restaurant, offers a sophisticated culinary journey with unique and adventurous dishes. 

    Focusing on the pricier side, the artistic atmosphere turns into an expensive option, ranging from $35 to $59.99 per adult

    We usually don't think about Disney's Animal Kingdom as our first option for gastronomic adventures, but these five restaurants offer us culinary delights. So, on your next visit, don't think twice and go to one of these culinary places! 

    Stay tuned to Famvia for more suggestions and contact us if you need help with anything related to Disney!

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