• What Can You Expect From Star Wars Rise of the Resistance?

    What Can You Expect From Star Wars Rise of the Resistance?

    Gabriela V.

    Created: Feb 15, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 11, 2024

    What Can You Expect From Star Wars Rise of the Resistance?

    This ride is THRILLING and unexpected!

    If you are a Star Wars fan and want to go on an amazing ride, then Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance was made just for you. This is much more than a dark ride, with amazing setpieces and a queue that ranks amongst the best in the world.

    For this one, we follow Rey, Finn and the rest of the gang in the sequel trilogy that started with The Force Awakens in 2015. Rise of the Resistance places you squarely within the Resistance's ongoing struggle against the First Order. The mission? To escape captivity and defy the First Order's grip on the galaxy. 

    With your favorite characters by your side and a a little bit of courage, you will navigate through an imposing Star Destroyer, all the while avoiding Stormtroopers (they still have bad aim) and confronting Kylo Ren & General Hux. It’s an exciting ride that’s worth going multiple times.

    Rise of the Resistance includes storytelling and innovative ride mechanics that you will spot from the moment you enter the queue. The motion simulator elements can be similar to Universal's Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man and Transformers 3D, even if it is a step above. Everything in Rise of the Resistance was made to look big and imposing, and you traverse through huge scenarios as you escape from the First Order and even evade AT-ATs.

    This ride also has a strong narrative, mirroring the intensity and suspense that the Star Wars saga is known for. You will see in this ride things like animatronics and visual effects that are just better than in every other ride you've been to. 

    Every detail contributes to the illusion of being part of a galaxy far, far away. This ride is so big, that Disney says that the run time is actually 18 minutes, since it counts all the pre-shows (there are at least two of them) and the moment you finally sit down in your vehicle.

    We invite you to try this ride! It's no surprise that it has won the Golden Ticket for best dark ride in the world multiple times now. Want to know more about it and visit it in Hollywood Studios? We can take you there! The Force is strong with Famvia, and we shall show you the way to Walt Disney World.

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