• Retro Fun Surprises Will Be Released by Universal Hollywood

Retro Fun Surprises Will Be Released by Universal Hollywood

Jennifer Alejandra M.

Created: Apr 03, 2024

Last Updated: Apr 04, 2024

Retro Fun Surprises Will Be Released by Universal Hollywood

Studio Tour has accomplished a great achievement

Can you believe it's been over 60 years since Universal Studios first opened its doors to guests with the Studio Tour? Yep, back in the early '60s, Universal Studios began what is now the popular Studio Tour experience.

Initially priced at just $2.50, the Studio Tour primarily catered to tourists. Visitors had the opportunity to explore film sets, observe makeup demonstrations, and enjoy costume shows. The experience allowed guests to immerse themselves in the world of their favorite movies, long before the days of YouTube and social media, when researching "Behind the Scenes of My Favorite Movie" wasn't an option. You had to come here and live the experience!

These simple, yet effective first steps marked the start of what we know today as the incredible Universal Studio Hollywood... a theme park where entertainment and the seventh art meet in a single spot!

Happy Birthday, Studio Tour!

This April, Universal Studio Hollywood is gearing up to celebrate the pioneering Studio Tour, a cornerstone of its expansive entertainment legacy. Like any birthday bash, the park will be rolling out surprises. Nope, not necessarily free gifts, but rather nostalgic launches that will undoubtedly feel like a treat for many fans.

This nonstop celebration will take place from April 26 until August 11, 2024. I know you may be wondering, what can we expect from the exciting surprises? So buckle up and take a look at the major highlights for this special bday edition.

Drum roll for the thrilling 60th edition updates

Studio Tour

Frequent guests may think, I have already done the tour, why would I want to do it again? Well, this time, it promises to evoke that exhilarating feeling of experiencing it for the first time. The Tour has undergone a complete renewal in every aspect.

For this special edition, everything from the decoration, storyline, scripts, and more has been meticulously updated. Experience a journey back in time with trams that receive a vintage makeover, complete with a delightfully creepy story that promises to transport you to another era. Boo!

Food & Drinks

Attention, foodie friends! As part of the 60th birthday celebration, there will be an exclusive edition of culinary treats scattered throughout the various areas of the park. Are your taste buds ready for this gastronomic adventure? Here are some highlights from the delectable offerings:

  • This Popcorn Bucket is the perfect addition to all collectors, and it is based on one of our favorite old cartoons. Woody Woodpecker everyone! I still miss his roller coaster in Universal Studios Orlando :(
  • Shaped pretzels, Banana Bread Popcorn, and many more mouthwatering delights will be available at City Snack Shop.
  • Take a stroll around Hollywood & Dine or Mel’s to try out the different Studio Tour 60th Anniversary specials that will be available. The nostalgia will be right at your table. 
  • Drinks. Yes, drinks are turning into a festive mood too. You can try some nonalcoholic options such as the Lava Lamp, or if you’re over 21 and wish for a bit of fun, the Old Hollywood or Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend have to be on your must-try list during your visit.

These and many more surprises will be bringing up a cheerful atmosphere for the following months, and you cannot miss it!

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