• Enjoy One of Island of Adventures’ Best Shows!

    Enjoy One of Island of Adventures’ Best Shows!

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Jan 10, 2024

    Last Updated: Jan 10, 2024

    Enjoy One of Island of Adventures’ Best Shows!

    Attention, all Dr. Seuss fans! 

    If you haven’t seen this vibrant show yet, do not miss out on the opportunity to immerse in a fantasy journey on your next visit to Universal. Let us unwrap all the details about this spectacle.

    Dr. Seuss's creations are waiting for you

    One of our favorite experiences when visiting Universal Orlando is exploring the fantastical worlds that they offer around the parks: Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. We feel like multiverse travelers, getting to enjoy the most remarkable offers in each of them, don’t you agree? I mean, we get to see Minions Land, Jurassic Park, the Wizarding World and even more!

    Like Dr. Seuss.

    Dr. Seuss show at Universal 2 (2).webp

    What magical place comes first to mind?

    When thinking about magical places, most Universal guests will probably say that their favorite spot is the Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade.

    We do know, however, another destination inside Islands of Adventure where the border between magic and imagination disappears, creating a colorful and enchanting experience for all visitors. We are talking about Seuss Landing!

    Dr. Seuss show at Universal.webp

    Where is it located?

    Seuss Landing is located in Island of Adventures, and it offers an immersive experience for guests to enjoy the magical stories that Dr. Seuss's imagination has brought to life. It is certainly a place that the little ones of the family will enjoy tons, especially the popular show Oh! The Stories You’ll Hear!

    What’s the show about?

    Your minds will be blown away by by several Dr. Seuss characters, such as:

    • The Cat in the Hat
    • Thing 1 & Thing 2
    • Sam-I-Am
    • The Grinch
    • The Lorax
    Dr. Seuss show at Universal 2 (1).webp

    All these memorable and beloved characters gather up to dance to the musical called “Tellings”,  bringing an enjoyable time for all guests that attend the show. And the best thing is, every single day there are shows displayed at Seuss Landing, making it a must see performance for your next visit to Universal, especially if you’re coming along with kids.

    Ready to hop on the fun train?

    Contact us and let us help you plan the best experience in one of the best theme parks, Universal Orlando. We can even suggest a great itinerary that will fit your preferences and requirements, allowing you to make the most out of your next visit. What are you waiting for, it's time to revive your inner child in the wonderful world of Dr. Seuss! 

    Until the next one, dear dreamer.

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