• Move Around in an Adventurous Way at Universal

    Move Around in an Adventurous Way at Universal

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Jan 10, 2024

    Last Updated: Jan 10, 2024

    Move Around in an Adventurous Way at Universal

    When visiting theme parks such as Universal, it's almost impossible to not be blown away by the uniqueness of their services. From the wizarding food to well-themed spots like Minions Land, Universal is a gorgeous resort that can transport you to brand new universes in an exciting way (literally).  

    Have you already spotted this magical transportation?

    There are different ways to move around the park and going from attraction to attraction. The majority of guests activate their fitness side by walking hours from point A to point B and vice versa (this is pretty good, don’t get me wrong). However, there are some Hotels at Universal that offer an extraordinary way to get to the eye of the hurricane, Universal's CityWalk, which is located between Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.

    Universal Water Taxis (1).webp

    And no, unfortunately, we are not talking about magical broomsticks (we wish), but it will make you feel like floating on thin air… or water, in this case.

    The Ultimate Water Taxi Service

    This is a popular and unique way of transportation that many Universal Orlando Resort Hotels offer to their guests, so that moving to Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure can be a more enjoyable and adventurous experience.

    Universal Water Taxis (5).webp

    These water taxis can be taken at the docks assigned in each hotel, and they all converge at Universal's CityWalk, which is already pretty close to both theme parks. This is such a great option if you wish to rest a little bit after walking around all day from ride to ride and store to store, don’t you agree? Plus, kids really enjoy using these boats to get to their favorite spots.

    Important details

    If you haven’t experienced Water Taxis, and want to do it on your next visit, keep in mind these important details so you won’t get any unpleasant surprises;

    • If you’re a night owl, try to get the last ride back to the hotel before 2:30 am.
    • The Taxi services depend on the weather, so on rainy and stormy days do not expect them to be available for guests. 
    • Every 30 minutes the taxis depart from their assigned docks.
      It might not be an airplane, but it is a pretty quick way to move around, with a trip from Universal to one of the hotels usually taking about 15 minutes.
    Universal Water Taxis (4).webp

    The good thing is that they are free! Yes, you don’t have to pay extra fees for using them. You can try them out even though you’re not staying at Universal Hotels. It's a fun way to explore the vibrant landscapes and maybe even have dinner at one of the fancy hotels.

    Want some more tricks and secrets?

    Maybe we don’t have the secret recipe for the delicious Lard Land Donuts for you, but we can give you a few tricks and secrets so you can get the most out of your next visit to Universal.

    Universal Water Taxis (3).webp

    Contact us and let us help you plan out your next trip to your favorite theme parks. We are even better and faster than the Water Taxis that will take you from the comfort of your home to the comfort of your hotel room. Send us a message, and let us handle everything. Until the next one, friend!

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