• Hogsmeade Takes Life in Islands of Adventure

    Hogsmeade Takes Life in Islands of Adventure

    Gabriela V.

    Created: Feb 07, 2024

    Last Updated: Feb 09, 2024

    Hogsmeade Takes Life in Islands of Adventure

    You need to visit this place at Universal Orlando!

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    Harry Potter Fans and the Famvia team love this place! Yes, we are talking about Hogsmeade Village in Universal Orlando's Islands of Adventure, the magical destination that is one of our top choices when we visit Universal Orlando. That's also the same village from the books and movies, and it looks like it came straight out of the big screen to grant you a great time in Universal. 

    Stepping into Hogsmeade feels like entering a fairytale world, with its cobblestone streets, snowy rooftops, and magic shops.

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    At the heart of Hogsmeade looms Hogwarts Castle, the backdrop for the thrilling Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride. When you walk through the village, you will find shops like Zonko's Joke Shop and Honeydukes Sweet Shop that are filled with amazing stuff to buy! Of course you can get your Hogwarts robe here and buy your very own magic wand, which can interact with a bunch of stuff around the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

    Please don’t miss the chance to taste the famous Butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks Inn or you can enjoy a drink at the Hog's Head Pub, where the atmosphere is just pure magic and the various drinks will surely cast a spell on you.

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    When the night falls, Hogsmeade transforms into a magical wonderland, with lanterns casting a warm glow over the snow-covered streets. The air is filled with laughter and the special melodies of the Frog Choir. All these create a unique experience for visitors of all ages, sometimes the older ones enjoy it even more than the younglings!

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    If you love Harry Potter just like we do, Hogsmeade Village is the best option because it offers you some really cool adventures that only at Universal Orlando you could experience. Oh, did we forget to tell you about Hagrid's Motorbike Adventure? That's one of the best roller coasters in Florida, and a must-go ride that features seven launches. Yeah, Hagrid likes to go fast.

    We are ready to start planning your trip with us! Send us a message, and let Famvia handle every detail of your next trip. We can plan your itinerary and also give you choices of where you'd like to stay! Until the next one, friend!

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