• If You Love Jurassic Park, You Need To Come Here!

    If You Love Jurassic Park, You Need To Come Here!

    Gabriela V.

    Created: Feb 07, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 11, 2024

    If You Love Jurassic Park, You Need To Come Here!

    Exploring Jurassic Park Discovery Center at Universal Orlando

    One of the most fun spots at Universal Orlando Resort is the prehistoric wonderland of Jurassic Park, located inside the Islands of Adventure. This land is inspired by the iconic film, yes, the movies we all love that started with Steven Spielberg behind the camera and John Williams's iconic soundtrack. 

    This land will transport visitors into the heart of the Jurassic era, where dinosaurs once roamed the Earth. Sit down and prepare to have the most amazing adventure that Universal has ever created for you.

    When you enter to Jurassic Park Discovery Center, you will be shocked to see perfect replicas of ancient creatures. Don’t be afraid, take a step inside, and you'll find yourself immersed in a world of scientific exploration.

    One of the highlights of the Discovery Center is the interactive DNA lab, where guests can have fun with hands-on experiments and learn about the genetic makeup of dinosaurs. Prepare your inner scientist when it’s your turn you extract DNA samples.

    If you want to experience thrilling rides, head to the queue for Jurassic Park River Adventure, the boat ride that is going to take you on a voyage through the jungles of an ancient era. You will see life-sized animatronic, including the famous Tyrannosaurus Rex while you navigate through beautiful landscapes and waterfalls.

    After your adventure on the river, satisfy your hunger at the Discovery Center's Burger Digs restaurant, where you can enjoy delicious meals with panoramic views of the park's picturesque lagoon. Fuel up with mouthwatering burgers, salads, and other amazing things that this park offers.

    Fossils to see!

    The excitement doesn't end there. Please make sure to explore the Discovery Center's interactive exhibits, including the fossil dig site where future paleontologists can learn about ancient treasures and learn a little bit about the art of paleontology.

    As you can see, the Jurassic Park Discovery Center is a perfect option for your trip and you will carry the memories with you for the rest of your life. So, start booking a session right now with us so you can have the best experience with the coolest Dinosaurs. 

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