• If You Love Men in Black, Then This Ride Is Perfect for You!

If You Love Men in Black, Then This Ride Is Perfect for You!

Gabriela V.

Created: Apr 15, 2024

Last Updated: Apr 15, 2024

If You Love Men in Black, Then This Ride Is Perfect for You!

"Men In Black: Alien Attack" is the ride you need to try at Universal Studios Florida!


Do you remember the first time you watched MIB? Did you love it? Well, if you're heading to Universal Studios Florida, prepare for an adventure at MIB: Alien Attack. Here, you'll train as an agent to defend the universe from alien threats. Based on the iconic Men In Black story, this action-packed attraction promises a little bit of everything, but most importantly, FUN! Oh yeah, it also promises Will Smith, so there is that.

Before hopping onto the ride, it's important to know a few key details. That's why Famvia is here for you, after all! Let's get started.

The Queue


To start off, you'll enter through the facade of the "The Universe & You, Are We Alone?" exhibit. Once inside, the narrative swiftly shifts to MIB Director Zed, who will guide you through the MIB Headquarters. Keep your eyes peeled for hidden alien stories along the office halls and take note of alien gossip all around you. Hm, are we alone in this universe?

The Experience


As you progress, you'll encounter the Immigration Room, where Zed and Agent J brief you on a dangerous alien transport ship headed towards Earth. You even visit the Weapons Room, where you can see the amazing MIB weapons, including the S4 Alienators ("Jumbo Judy"). Pay attention to pre-training videos so you can prepare for your mission. After all, there's a lot of practice required before you're ready to don that iconic black suit.

The Ride

In the Training Vehicle Boarding Station, you will form teams of six to test your skills. This is a shooting gallery similar to Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin in Magic Kingdom. The ride kicks off in a training room filled with alien targets, where your mission is to grab that laser pistol, take aim, and rack up as many points as possible.


As the alien transport ship crash-lands in New York City, you'll encounter various alien threats as you navigate through multiple scenes. Be vigilant for high-scoring aliens attempting to camouflage themselves, as well as smaller targets and less conspicuous hiding spots. There are aliens behind the windows, hidden in trees and even inside trash cans! Make sure to zap every single one of them.

Famvia Tips

  • Hold your laser button down for continuous firing.
  • Try aiming for high-scoring aliens, they are often found camouflaged or are smaller in size.
  • Take advantage of both red and green tracks to master different targets.
  • There will be a section with eyes hiding in a tree. Make sure to hit them, they are worth a lot of points.
  • Press the red button near the end of the ride. You will know when.

Gift Shop

After the ride, make sure not to miss out on shopping at the official MIB Gear Shop. Here, you can take home fantastic items like neutralizers, Frank the Pug plush toys, and more to commemorate your unforgettable adventure!

Now you're all set for some action, excitement, and of course, a bit of alien-hunting! With the tips from Famvia, you're more than prepared. When will you be heading to Universal Studios next to experience this incredible ride?

Enjoy the ride, agent!

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