• Is Universal Studios’ Butterbeer Worth the Hype?

    Is Universal Studios’ Butterbeer Worth the Hype?

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Dec 28, 2023

    Last Updated: Dec 28, 2023

    Is Universal Studios’ Butterbeer Worth the Hype?

    Multiple times, we have heard that one of the must-try drinks of all Universal Orlando is the popular Butterbeer. But is it truly worth all the hype, or is it just one of those overrated drinks that everyone wants to try but they are truly not that good?

    Well, let’s figure it out today!

    Before trying the well-mentioned Butterbeer, I have to admit, we were a little skeptical too. 

    I mean, think about it this way. In 541 acres of theme park, for this to be one of the best beverages of all time seems a little bit hard to believe. Just sounded too good to be true! Unless a Gryffindor student had made some kind of food enchantment in it, right? Foodius Delicious, maybe?

    Ok, maybe we just needed a great excuse to go and try it out. At the end of the day, who wouldn’t love to try these incredible drinks that were first created in the wonderful mind of J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter’s Author) and that had allowed Universal to reache out in only six months, yes not even the year, its $260 million initial investment. The power of Butterbeer. And magic wands. And Hogwarts. And all the wizards, yeah.

    Different options may pop up

    One thing we realized when trying out this highly demanded beverage, is that nowadays fans can easily find a vast selection of goodies that had been inspired by the Butterbeer. This special drink can also be found in a cold or hot version if you prefer it that way, and even frozen. You can even purchase the iconic Metal Butterbeer-inspired Mug, it's just a unique souvenir and quite eye-catching too.

    So, does it taste good?

    Now the final verdict is whether the drink is worth the hype or not... And the answer is absolutely YES! I know we went all the way to confirm it, but sii, this unique beverage is worth all the craziness that surrounds it. It allows guests to experience a more immersive magical journey in the Harry Potter atmosphere that the park brings. 


    When trying out this phenomenal drink, be cautious because the Butterbeer addiction is real, we can totally confirm it. We wishwe could have brought a few more liters for the way back home… or our way back to the parking lot, ops!

    First-timers can expect some really sweet notes, along with a frothy unique topping that sets in place, the flavors that stand out and will start dancing with your taste buds are cream soda and butterscotch hints. We even felt a touch of a magic spell because once you start drinking it, it's quite hard to stop (in the best possible way), it's truly a magical experience overall. 

    We especially love the last few drops, when the butter cream is concentrated at the bottom of the cup and you can taste it with the back of your tongue. Yummy. It also reminds us a bit of a Brazilian beverage called Guaraná, just a little more sweet and with the added cream.



    Are you ready to be the first in line?

    Now, how about a trip to Universal Studios? Sounds refreshing, huh? C’mon, contact us and let us help you get the best experience of your life in one of the most enchanting places of all time. You can finally feel like a student in Hogwarts! We will even give you some fun ideas for robes and magic wands so you can start you career as a wizard.

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