• The FIVE Best Photo Spots at Universal Studios

    The FIVE Best Photo Spots at Universal Studios

    Gabriela V.

    Created: Dec 27, 2023

    Last Updated: Dec 27, 2023

    The FIVE Best Photo Spots at Universal Studios

    You don't go to Universal Studios only to visit the rides or drink Butterbeer. Universal also promises amazing photo spots to create memories that you will carry for decades! We wanted to share with you our five best photo spots to visit at Universal Studios!

    1. Hollywood Boulevard

    There is no better way to start your Universal adventure than with a picture at  Hollywood Boulevard's entrance, with the iconic Universal globe as the main backdrop. The perfect Instagram picture has to be there! I mean, how many times have you seen that globe spinning around in social media, huh?


    2. Diagon Alley

    Pose like a real Harry Potter fan in the world of Harry Potter at Diagon Alley. With the magical buildings and Gringotts in the background, you will feel exactly like you're in the movie. Don’t miss this chance!

    3. Jurassic Park

    For a prehistoric picture, choose Jurassic Park. The gates will make it feel like you're entering the Steven Spielberg movie. There is even John William's epic soundtrack to make the occasion even more special. Just watch out for T-Rexs and raptors prowling around.

    4. Minion Park

    Find your dose of cuteness at Minion Park. This magical and colorful corner begs for you to come and take some pictures. Don't forget to pose near the Minions and Gru for the pics with your loved ones!

    Universal studios harry potter escape gringotts prop.jpg

    5. Hogwarts Castle 

    Conclude your photo tour at Hogwarts Castle. Day or night, the castle's majestic presence provides a one-and-only backdrop, just to make sure your Universal Studios memories are nothing short of magical. Make sure to stop at one of the nearby stores, buy a magical wand, a Hogwarts House robe and you are now ready to pose like a sorcerer.

    You can get every picture you ever imagined from magical landscapes to action-packed scenes, by the way. Universal Studios offers many different options for photo spots. Capture the essence of your adventure with these top photo locations and create your memories in pictures at this incredible theme park.

    Want to visit Universal Studios in 2024? Sure, we can help you out with that! Send us a message and let us plan your trip to this very special place. We will even help you out choosing your first ever Hogwarts robe (pick Slytherin, by the way). 

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