• Let's Explore JURASSIC PARK at Islands of Adventure

    Let's Explore JURASSIC PARK at Islands of Adventure

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Jan 22, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 12, 2024

    Let's Explore JURASSIC PARK at Islands of Adventure

    Did you know you can travel to the past when visiting Universal Studios?

    No, we are not talking about the 90s, 80s, 70s... not even the 50s. We are talking about millions of years ago when prehistoric creatures inhabited planet Earth!

    Ready to jump between space and time?

    We know that Universal Orlando is the home of many movie-inspired attractions or TV shows like Springfield and Hogwarts. However, there is one eye-catching spot that offers an adventurous experience to all guests, and that has been keeping us on the edge of our seats every time we visit. You know what we are talking about, right?

    camp jurassic universal (2).webp

    *Cuts to the theme song*

    That’s right! We are talking about Jurassic Park in Islands of Adventure, the place where modern science and prehistoric creatures converge. This nostalgic franchise has been transporting fans into different eras since the first movie was released in 1993, and Universal couldn’t resist creating its own version of this incredible world for fans to enjoy.

    There are many activities to enjoy

    If you thought visiting Jurassic Park at Universal Orlando was going to be a boring history class, prepare for a fun turnover of events. This must be the most exciting way to learn about dinosaurs! Everything from the different species (and the ones created by the brilliant minds of the scientists) to their their ecosystem, and many other interesting facts that will blow your mind.

    camp jurassic universal (1).webp

    Themed Suits

    For starters, you can initiate your experience by booking a Kid’s Suit, located at Loews Royal Pacific Resort, where guests will enter a themed room where they can get to know more about Velociraptos, Pteranodons and, why not, even the Indominus Rex Roam. 

    What a way to start your trip!

    The decoration will make you feel like a true investigator in the middle of the island, discovering new creatures and studying their behavior. Sleeping has never been more thrilling and exciting than in these unique suits.

    jurassic suites (2).webp

    Jurassic Park Discovery Center

    Imagine a cool museum where different facts about the many species of dinosaurs will be popping up at every turn. Guests get to enjoy different interactive displays that improve the experience: win a bunch of mini-games and there is a great chance of witnessing the hatch of an adorable Velociraptor (well, for many it may not be adorable at all).

    jurassic discovery center universal.webp

    This is also a great place to take incredible pics next to the ginormous structures that resemble dinosaurs, look at them!

    Fun, adventure, excitement, and surprise!

    And when it's time for a thrilling adventure, the Jurassic Park section knows how to do it. Visitors have different attractions available for all adrenaline seekers (or if you just wish to have a fun time).

    • Jurassic World VelociCoaster, buckle up this is a 360° experience.
    jurassic ride universal.webp
    • Jurassic Park River Adventure, make a splash after experiencing the 85-foot freefall.
    Jurassic river universal.webp
    • Camp Jurassic, is the perfect way to refresh in a fun way after a sunny day.
    camp jurassic universal (3.webp
    • Pteranodon Flyers, we are sure the little ones of the family will enjoy this one the most.
    • Dinosaurs here and there, the most exciting encounter may start from the moment you enter the park.

    Ready for a dinosaur-filled time!

    There are so many other adventures available during your next visit to this wonderful and adventurous section of the park. For more information, our team is ready to hand you full guides for you to get the most out of your trip and visit to the Jurassic Universe, plus help you get from your home to the park at the speed of a velociraptor and at the most efficient way.

    And do not forget your camera, this is a memorable place to keep on the family album, or to enjoy with friends too!

    Until the next one, dear adventurer!

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