• Learn How To Use the Official Universal Orlando App

    Learn How To Use the Official Universal Orlando App

    Gabriela V.

    Created: Jan 19, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 12, 2024

    Learn How To Use the Official Universal Orlando App

    Going to Universal Orlando Resort Soon?

    If you are heading to Universal soon, you for sure want to have the best experience possible. The first step starts now, even before buying your tickets. Grab your phone and download the official Universal Orlando App, this will be your best friend during your trip which will help you get the most out of your visit.

    Besides that, we wanted to share a few tips from the professionals at Universal to hack your vacation with this fantastic app.

    Simplify your life with Mobile Wallet:

    The paper tickets give anxiety about losing them or getting them damaged on the water rides. You can forget about this with the eco-friendly online tickets that you can add to your mobile wallet. You can add tickets like the Annual Pass, Express Pass, and extras. Don’t worry about the process, it's easy-peasy: you just scan your tickets and you are set.

    For an easier way, you can opt for a mobile ticket delivery service during your purchase so you will have your tickets automatically added to your mobile wallet. If you didn’t, don’t panic, it's easy to get them digitally. 

    The process to upload your tickets:

    1. Open the app and click ‘Profile.'
    2. Navigate to 'Wallet.'
    3. Click ‘Scan Tickets and Passes’ to complete the setup.

    Introvert-Friendly Assistance

    For introverts, this will be your life savior if you prefer to enjoy the theme park without the need to ask for directions. The app features a virtual assistant ready to answer all your questions. You can find it on the app's homepage or within the 'Profile' tab, this chat function is your silent guide. 

    You can ask EVERYTHING, and we mean everything. You can ask about what is the nearest ride, ride wait times, or directions on how to get to any attraction from the place you are. This app is also in Spanish, so tranquilo amigo!

    Dining with Mobile Ordering

    Say goodbye to ordering in person, you now have the convenience of mobile food or drink ordering throughout Universal Studios Florida, Universal Islands of Adventure, Universal CityWalk, and Universal Volcano Bay. Oh, and DON’T FORGET to scan your Annual Pass for exclusive discounts.

    With this App, your days at Universal will be so much more enjoyable than what you were expecting. Remember, Universal is a big place, and you might need some technological help from time to time.

    Let’s book a session for your next adventure at Universal now that you know a little bit about the Universal app. Send us a message, and let Famvia handle everything for you!

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