• New Details UNVEILED for the Donkey Kong Coaster

    New Details UNVEILED for the Donkey Kong Coaster

    Luiz Alberto H.

    Created: Jan 19, 2024

    Last Updated: Jan 19, 2024

    New Details UNVEILED for the Donkey Kong Coaster

    Have you ever played the Donkey Kong games on the Super Nintendo? They are classic side scrollers, and considered by many some of the best platformers of all time. The Donkey Kong Country series is an absolute banger, featuring the Kongs fighting against several enemies, collecting thousands of bananas, finding secrets and going through dozens of stages until they face the final boss.

    It’s awesome that we are getting a brand new roller coaster in Super Nintendo World based on Donkey Kong. Not much is known about the ride, other than guests get to board a vehicle that resembles a minecart. For those that don’t know, mine cart sections are a staple in this franchise, from the SNES games all the way to Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze on the Nintendo Wii U (and also the remaster on the Nintendo Switch!)

    So, what do you actually do in the games during these mine cart sections? Well, you jump across broken tracks, dodge enemies and hazards and anything else that might be in your way. Sounds like something really hard to bring to a real roller coaster, but Universal is convinced they found the right way to make you feel like you are inside the videogame.

    Donkey Kong Nintendo Screen.webp

    New Technology is on the Way

    From what we all know, Universal is calling the Donkey Kong Coaster a “Boom Coaster”. It will use a brand new technology which changes tracks and makes guests go up and down suddenly, simulating the jumping process from the games. From their point of view, guests will just see a broken track, but there will be systems in places - hidden tracks underneath the broken tracks - which send the cart to different directions.

    It looks like this will be a roller coaster that is all about sudden turns and fun “jumps”, so don’t expect any loops or incredibly high speeds like in the VelociCoaster. I’d say it looks more like Hagrid’s Motorbike Adventures, which is one of the best rides in all Islands of Adventure. Hagrid’s gimmick is all about going fast, featuring seven launch pads that catapults guests to 50 mph. The Donkey Kong gimmick will probably be the sudden and unexpected jumps.

    Will it actually work well?

    There is a small concern when it comes to the Donkey Kong Coaster, though: will it break down a lot? Just look at Hagrid’s, once again. Sure, it’s a fan favorite and one of the best roller coasters in Universal, but if one launch pad breaks down, the entire ride needs to close, sometimes for the entire day. It’s also why this ride is also known for breaking down so much.

    If the Kong Coaster also has a cool gimmick that is all about tracks changing places, there is a good chance that we will see it in maintenance mode several times, especially right after launch. Fingers crossed that I am wrong, but if the technology is that advanced, I can only imagine that if one track fails to change course the entire ride needs to stop.

    What about you, are you also hyped for the Donkey Kong Coaster? It will debut in 2024 at Universal Tokyo! We hope it also comes soon enough to Epic Universe in Orlando, when the park officially opens its doors in Summer 2025.

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