• Can you pick the BEST Royal Caribbean cabin on this ship?

    Can you pick the BEST Royal Caribbean cabin on this ship?

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Dec 07, 2023

    Last Updated: Dec 08, 2023

    Can you pick the BEST Royal Caribbean cabin on this ship?

    Royal Caribbean Cruise Line has been one of the top cruise lines’ options for many travelers around the world.  

    With its 16-ship fleet (which is divided into 6 classes), travelers have the chance to choose their favorite vessel among the fleet, and one of the Voyager-class ships remains one of the public favorite ones, the one and only Adventure of the Seas

    Meet the great Adventure of the Seas 

    Since her debuting sail in 2001, she has been over different refurbishments that have kept her updated and brought up the sense of classic and modern aesthetic she is known for today.


    Adventure of the seas, royal caribbean.png

    The last update happened in 2018 leaving Adventure of the Seas with a capacity of 3,807 passengers thanks to the extended range of staterooms and suites available.

    An easy decision? I don't think so...

    Sometimes what’s harder than choosing what to do on your next vacation is to choose the best cabin option depending on your needs and preferences. 

    Some may enjoy sleeping in deep silence, and others may prefer a little bit of noise, everything is dependent on personal choice, but we are here to help you.

    How to choose wisely?

    First things first, it's important to choose the cabin category from the following list: a suite, inside, outside, or balcony. Personally, the best type of cabin is the Suite, not only for the extra space that they offer in comparison to the others, but also the impressive list of perks that comes with it. But, of course, everything depends on many factors that you need to consider. 


    adventure of the seas.JPG

    Check your itinerary!

    If you are going for a short trip like Perfect Day at CocoCay, maybe an Inside stateroom is a better option, since those are usually cheaper and you won’t spend that much time inside your room anyway. In case you’re looking for more space, an Outside or a Suite might be suitable for you. 

    In the end, it's a personal choice

    Overall, choosing a cabin that fits perfectly with your budget and personal requirements is a huge guarantee that your vacations will be mostly enjoyable and stress-free. 

    Do not stress out about choosing the best cabin for your trip, contact us and let us help you find the perfect fit for your needs. Need a hand planning your next trip? Send us a message and we will help you out, not only by selecting the perfect cruise, but also the perfect cabin for all your needs. Until next time!

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