• Discover These Thrilling Activities Onboard Star of the Seas

    Discover These Thrilling Activities Onboard Star of the Seas

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Jan 31, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 11, 2024

    Discover These Thrilling Activities Onboard Star of the Seas

    Summer 2025 comes packed with excitement at the one and only Royal Caribbean Cruise Line!

    One of our favorite cruise lines is waiting for you with exciting news for Summer 2025, and we cannot wait to finally get on board one of the most anticipated ships ever. Are you ready for a fun time exploring wonderful destinations?

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    A new Star joins the show

    “The Next Icon of Vacations”. That’s how the Royal Caribbean cruise line describes the brand-new ship that will be taking over the seas, which comes filled with surprises and exciting adventures to enjoy off and on-shore.

    Perfect Day at CocoCay Food Royal (7).webp

    This one is expected to double the fun, thrills, and innovation you usually expect from Royal Caribbean. Not only that, it will offer more than 40 different options for dining and drinks, various entertainment options that will rock off your senses, and the option of relaxing at the exclusive experience “Perfect Day at CocoCay” during your voyage! It sounds incredible, right?

    Some of the exciting experiences that will be waiting for you aboard Star of the Seas are:

    Thrill Waterpark Royal caribbean Perfect Day at CocoCay (4).webp
    • Non-stop Chills: offering up to seven various pools, ten whirlpools, and great bars that will help you enjoy the most wonderful sea views that each space offers. 
    • Wow-Worthy Wows: the entertainment and art performances, like the ice skating performances or the Aquadome show, will be nonstop offering a great time on board. And so many more surprises!

    Nonstop Thrills

    There is one, however, that we love the most (for the moment), which is the Nonstop Thrills. We love to be at the edge of our seats with excitement while enjoying a relaxing vacation across the ocean.

    The top anticipated activities aboard Star of the Seas are:

    Royal Caribbean ship things to do liberty of the seas  1.webp

    Category 6 Waterpark

    Are you ready, adrenaline seekers? This can be one of the largest sea waterparks you could ever experience. Hop on at the six impressive slides that will fill you up with excitement and adrenaline.

    Crowns Edge

    Want to feel at the top of the world… or, should I say, at the top of the sea?

    Feel your blood pumping when stepping at the edge of the crown, and you have to be brave enough to look down at the blue waves while taking a leap of faith. Hey but no worries, a team of professionals will be ready to make sure you are safe during your adventure. 


    Make your way among the simulated waves that will allow you to become a true surfer. Your friends and family can be shouting a few tips here and there from across the stadium while you conquer those wild waves.

    Royal Caribbean ship things to do liberty of the seas  (4).webp

    Water’s Edge

    It's time for the little ones to have a great time too! This iconic infinity pool with breathtaking views will be the best spot for adults to keep an eye on kids, who will be having a blast at the vibrant and colorful aquapark Splashway Bay.

    Adrenaline Peak

    If you love heights, then this can become one of your favorite activities while on board. Are you ready to conquer your fear and start a rock climbing adventure? The gorgeous views are certainly worth a try, plus all the adrenaline is not something you get to experience every day. 

    Sports Court

    Are you ready to sweat a little? From basketball to volleyball, this is a unique way to keep your game at a high level.

    Royal Caribbean ship things to do liberty of the seas  (1).webp

    Is it time for an adventure yet?

    If you want to enjoy these and many other exciting activities available aboard the long-awaited Star of the Seas, contact our team and we will make sure to book you a great spot for the most memorable vacation you will have in 2025! Do not hesitate to contact s for further information, our team will be happy to help in any possible way.

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