• Do Not Eat This on a Cruise!

Do Not Eat This on a Cruise!

Gabriela V.

Created: Jan 31, 2024

Last Updated: Apr 12, 2024

Do Not Eat This on a Cruise!

Cruises are food havens, but can also be risky. 

Getting on a cruise means that you are automatically in food-heaven, where you can find any cravings that range from a late-night pizza, a steak, or even a fresh salad. Despite all these options, cruises aren’t exactly known for their high-quality food, but it is probably because of the amount of food that they have to cook every single day.

There is always the risk of stomach discomfort, feeling nauseous or even vomiting while you are on your cruise, and we want to prevent you from that because the last thing you want is an unhappy stomach ruining your sunny days!

We want to help you with that, so these are FIVE foods you might want to avoid during your next cruise:

Congealed Pizza

It’s one of the most popular on any cruise. If you spot a cloud pizza with congealed cheese, it’s probably been there for a while, so please skip it!

Water (in ports)

Staying hydrated is important on cruises, but it’s even more important where do you get your water from. As we were telling you before, water is included in your cruise fare, but not the bottled one, so try to bring your reusable water bottle.  Don’t fill your bottle in ports because some countries may not have clean drinking water or they might contain bacteria your body does not recognize!

Breakfast Bacon

I know it's breakfast, how could you not have a piece of bacon? Well, when it comes to breakfast at the buffet, you can probably skip it. We all love smoked bacon, but the ones on cruises are kinda greasy. Of course, this will depend on your taste. but this could ruin your appetite for the rest of the day and we don’t want you to lose the other meals!

Don’t have too much dessert

The worst thing we could say to you, right?  We get so excited with the desserts we forget that, if you eat too much, you won’t have room left for the remaining things you want to try. Oh, you can also get a stomach ache. Oh-number-two, too much sugar is never good!

Alcohol on an empty stomach

This is the most important thing to avoid because there isn't a worse way to ruin your appetite or even your day than drinking without any food on your stomach. This will increase the effects of alcohol in your body and that won’t be fun if you want to enjoy the cruise. You will feel terrible for a while, trust us.

We hope our recommendations help you have the best cruise experience possible because we want you to enjoy it until the last second! Need more extra tips? Send us a message, and let Famvia handle your next trip. Until the next one!

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