• Do NOT Wear This on a Cruise

    Do NOT Wear This on a Cruise

    Gabriela V.

    Created: Feb 16, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 11, 2024

    Do NOT Wear This on a Cruise

    Five things you need to remove from your suitcase!

    Packing for a cruise is based on what you like, but sometimes we can skip some pieces unless you want to be *that* passenger that everyone remembers. Of course, the only dress code is vacation mode, but it's not a bad idea to read some tips we can share with you.

    Sky-High Heels

    Even if you are used to using those high stilettos, you might want to think twice for a cruise. The decks can be slippery, so wearing high heels is a recipe for disaster. You can opt for safer footwear to keep your footing steady.

    Offensive T-Shirts

    If by any chance you have one of those funny but can be interpreted as offensive shirts, please leave it at home. Cruises are meant for a diverse crowd, and provocative shirts may offend fellow passengers. Keep your wardrobe with respectful and appropriate pieces! Shirts can be fun, sure, but not offensive, c'mon.

    Swimwear in Dining Areas

    This one is really common, so it’s not such a bad idea to save your swimwear for the poolside. Dining areas require appropriate clothing, so cover up before heading to meals. A simple beach cover-up or vest will help avoid unwanted looks.

    Casual Clothes on Formal Nights

    If there is a Formal night, it’s a call for a sophisticated outfit. Please avoid denim and opt for an outfit that is worth that special night! Remember, its not every day you spend a special night in the high seas. Relax that formal nights usually happen only once, but don't forget to pack something classy for that moment.

    Now... start packing! 

    Hey, ready to book your next cruise? You will need fun t-shirts, swimsuits, a classy outfit... and whatever else you want thats not included in the list above! Send us a message, and let Famvia help you with anything else. We are here to lend you a hand, after all.

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