• Experience Your HONEYMOON at Perfect Day at CocoCay

    Experience Your HONEYMOON at Perfect Day at CocoCay

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Jan 24, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 12, 2024

    Experience Your HONEYMOON at Perfect Day at CocoCay

    Romance is in the air at the private Royal Caribbean island!  

    Choosing the perfect destination for one of the most important moments of your life can be a really hard decision. After getting married, how do we decide the best place to create new memories during the Honeymoon period? It needs to be somewhere amazing and not a place that could be a disaster, right?

    We have spotted the best option for you!

    If you enjoy the beach, a tropical weather, getting tanned while drinking a refreshing Margarita and having the most romantic time with the love of your life, then Royal Caribbean might be the answer you were looking for.

    perfect day at cococay royal caribbean a.webp

    Perfect Day at CocoCay could be called one of the top “tropical honeymoon destinations”, where comfort, fun, and love will be the perfect formula for a romantic journey for lovebirds.

    What is Perfect Day at CocoCay?

    This is a private Island owned by one of the best cruise lines in the industry: Royal Caribbean. It is located in the Bahamas and it is exclusively open for the cruise line passengers, allowing them to immerse in a unique experience packed with incredible activities and unique adventures to enjoy during their stay.

    Why should I spend my honeymoon there?

    Great question, and we have a great answer for that… it's the Caribbean! What better way to spend your honeymoon than in the calming water of this paradise, plus sweep away all the wedding stress and enjoy the ultimate relaxation that is needed right afterwards.

    Thrill Waterpark Royal caribbean Perfect Day at CocoCay (1).webp

    More serenity...

    Speaking of relaxation, this romantic getaway has everything you need (and for every couple), regardless of your requirements and needs, we are sure they can be fulfilled at this heavenly destination. 

    From the exclusive floating cabanas and private infinitive pools (or the Chill Island), perfect for a tranquil experience to the thrilling waterparks and impressive zip lines for all the adrenaline-seeking couples; CocoCay has it all!

    Thrill Waterpark Royal caribbean Perfect Day at CocoCay (3).webp

    Exclusivity, and fun!

    As an ultimate tip, the brand-new Coco Beach Club should be on your schedule if you want the finest experience of all. 

    Perfect Day at CocoCay Food Royal (3).webp

    In this exclusive beachside paradise, couples can enjoy premium facilities, a luxurious restaurant inspired by the island atmosphere that will fill your taste buds with global flavors. Let your body relax with spa treatments and be awed by the breathtaking views that can be witness from the infinitive pool.

    And not to mention the incredible experience that Royal Caribbean cruise ships offer to passengers (our team will provide you more information depending on the chosen ship).

    Perfect Day at CocoCay Food Royal (6).webp

    Let the adventure begin!

    Contact us and let us help you plan your dreamy Honeymoon getaway. We know that planning a wedding was already very stressful, let us relieve you from one more headache by taking you to a real paradise. Do not hesitate to ask any further questions that may pop up, our team would love to help you.

    Until the next one, love birds!

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