• New cocktails on the horizon aboard Royal Caribbean!

    New cocktails on the horizon aboard Royal Caribbean!

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Dec 09, 2023

    Last Updated: Dec 11, 2023

    New cocktails on the horizon aboard Royal Caribbean!

    Hey-o cruise lovers! We are all excited about Royal Caribbean's brand-new cruise, Icon of the Seas. We are hoping to see it sailing its first ever adventure in exactly 47 days according to the official website, and we can´t contain our excitement! 

    Exciting news are waiting for you

    In the meantime, we want to share with you the exclusively new cocktail options that are going to be available aboard the beautiful Icon of the Seas.

    This awesome addition to Royal Caribbean's fleet is categorized as a brand new ship class, which makes us expect some new concepts and features aboard. Exciting!

    Chin-Chin cocktails are fun!

    Cocktails are one of the first things passengers want to try out when enjoying their first time aboard a new cruise. It's really fun to be surprised by the different options that are available, especially if they are new.  

    The long wait for the unique Icon of the Sea is going to be totally worth it! We can expect a total of 60 new cocktails that will stand out from the classic ones with the modern touch that Royal Caribbean Cruise Line has added to all the different options. They are going to be available from the first sailing date and you can’t miss it!


    a icon of the seas.JPG

    Now let us share with you the most difficult Top 3 of all, choosing just three out of the 60 cocktail options wasn’t an easy task, but we tried our best.

    The Pearl

    Not only does the presentation stand out (it resembles the shape of a pearl), but the taste seems promising too. 

    Ingredients: Casamigos White Tequila, lemon juice, Italicus liquor, pearl sparkly syrup, sour mix and to top it all an incredible citrus pearl.

    New York Sour

    The taste of the Big Apple in one glass! As extravagant as New York, you can expect the same from this new special drink.

    Ingredients: Bulleit Bourbon, simple syrup, lemon juice, Claret wine, and some egg white. 

    A must-try option, it seems unique and authentic.

    The Iconic G&T

    At Icon of the Seas, do not expect anything ordinary. This new option of Gin Tonic plays a great role in its flavors, with a twist that makes her, as the name says, iconic in all the ways.

    Ingredients: Bombay Sapphire Gin, soda water, and Iconic tonic syrup. 

    We can’t wait for you to try out these amazing options aboard of one of the most exciting new ships of the entire Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. Want to save a spot aboard Icon of the Seas? Send us a message and we will do our best to plan your next amazing trip!

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