• Royal Caribbean and Ben & Jerry part ways

    Royal Caribbean and Ben & Jerry part ways

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Dec 13, 2023

    Last Updated: Dec 13, 2023

    Royal Caribbean and Ben & Jerry part ways

    Our deepest condolences to all frequent travelers of Royal Caribbean Cruises and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream fans (us included), because our favorite two are saying their goodbyes… for good?

    Ben & Jerry’s ice cream has been present in so many vacation memories across Royal Caribbean, bringing freshness and sweetness through each scoop of flavor explosions. 

    Welcome new opportunities!

    Sometimes, good things have to back up to give way for other new good things, that’s how life works, right?

    Royal Caribbean Cruise Line is looking forward to keeping business in the house, which is beneficial not only for them, but for us too! It brings us excitement about the new ice cream spot that will be replacing the old well-known one and what amazing new flavors will surprise us.

    Last official date

    According to the latest announcement, the last date for passengers to enjoy their creamy Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream is going to be on December 15, 2023. Theclassic Ice Cream Shop will be removed from 13 of Royal Caribbean’s ships, making space for the new replacement. 


    royal caribbean cruise.JPG

    Who is replacing it?

    The name of the new Ice Cream venue aboard the ships remains a mystery, but, without a doubt it's going to be an in-house brand. Maybe Royal realizes that if they are having their ice cream venue in the anticipated Icon of the Seas, why not replicate it on the other ships too? Also, it helps them cutting costs and having money to keep it all in-house.

    Sounds like a good theory, don’t you agree? 

    What about the Moo-cabins?

    I know many of you may have the same question: “Hey, but, what about the Royal Caribbean’s Freedom Class cruise ships that have a Ben & Jerry’s themed cabin?”. 

    Sadly those unique cabins are saying bye bye as well, along their special benefits. The iconic cow-inspired decorations were removed in 2022, and followed by that the benefits were removed in this year.

    A nostalgic goodbye in exchange of a warm welcome

    Even though this is a nostalgic goodbye, we are looking forward to the new sweet replacement and, hopefully, the price will be included in the cruise benefits and package deals (fingers crossed)!

    Spill the tea!

    Tell us, what are your thoughts about all these changes, and what are your theories about them? Do you agree with ours or not at all? We love to read your opinions!

    Are you ready to hop on your favorite Royal Caribbean cruise and try out the new venue? Contact us and let us plan your cruise adventure in the easiest and fastest way! Until the next one, stay tuned!

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