• Royal Caribbean Welcomes Lionel Messi

    Royal Caribbean Welcomes Lionel Messi

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Feb 13, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 11, 2024

    Royal Caribbean Welcomes Lionel Messi

    It seems like yesterday when the Royal Caribbean announced that two Icons were going to team up to kick off 2024.

    To refresh your memory, we are talking about Icon of the Seas and the worldwide soccer superstar Lionel "GOAT" Messi, who was going to become the official Godfather of this wonderful ship. Guess what? It was just last month that this honor finally became official.

    lionel messi royal caribbean icon 4.webp
    Credit: sbw photo - Royal Caribbean International ©

    Celebration aboard Royal Caribbean

    On January 25th, 2024 the official naming celebration took place, allowing the soccer star and one of the most well-known cruise lines to finally debut one of the most innovative and anticipated ships of all time.

    This special moment took place in Miami, Lionel Messi’s hometown for the moment. They were surrounded by A-list guests including the Inter Miami CF, Meyer Turku shipyard, and the Emmy Award-winning (four-time) host Mario Lopez. How impressive, right?

    lionel messi royal caribbean icon1.webp
    Credit: sbw photo - Royal Caribbean International ©

    It was no surprise that Royal Caribbean went all out with the naming ceremony. This took place a few days after Royal Caribbean International’s 55th anniversary

    It was the perfect way to honor and commemorate the many years of hard work and innovation that the company has been putting in every single ship and service that is offered to their beloved clients. This also explains why Royal Caribbean is often regarded as one of the best cruise lines in the world.

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    Credit: sbw photo - Royal Caribbean International ©

    Family vacations come first

    As we know, Lionel Messi is not only a great soccer player and the Icon of the Seas Godfather, but he is also a Father and head of the family for several years now. 

    We can only imagine that he will have lots of fun aboard this modern new cruise, and experience a great family vacation. Well, as long as he buys an entire itinerary for him and friends only, can you imagine if Lionel Messi stepped out in the middle of the public in a regular cruise?

    lionel messi royal caribbean icon 3.webp
    Credit: sbw photo - Royal Caribbean International ©

    In his own words, he said; “Family is everything to me, and it was exciting to take part in welcoming what is the world’s best family vacation to Miami,” he also assured; "Everything I’ve seen on Icon of the Seas is next level. There are experiences for the whole family to make memories that they’ll remember forever.”

    lionel messi royal caribbean icon 5.webp
    Credit: sbw photo - Royal Caribbean International ©

    And we cannot wait for you to embark on what could be one of the best vacation cruise experiences ever. We are here to help!

    Time to meet the Icon

    If you are on the edge of your seat of excitement after knowing that Icon of the Seas is officially waiting for you, then contact our team and we will make sure to help you get the most out of this experience and plan the best vacation possible.

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    Credit: sbw photo - Royal Caribbean International ©

    Do not hesitate to ask any further questions, we are here to help you out, after all. Remember that your dream vacation is just a few clicks away.

    Until the next one, GOAT!

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