• These are THE BEST reasons to choose Liberty of the Seas

    These are THE BEST reasons to choose Liberty of the Seas

    Gabriela V.

    Created: Jan 15, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 14, 2024

    These are THE BEST reasons to choose Liberty of the Seas

    We previously talked about Royal Caribbean's Liberty Of the Seas when we said this was one of the best options for your kid's birthday if they are big fans of cruises, and today we wanted to share with you what we love the most about this incredible ship.

    One of the MAIN REASONS is the VIEW!

    Every corner of this ship has been strategically designed so, no matter where you are, you will spot something colorful and beautiful. We are talking about the waterslides, beautiful swimming pools and then the sea as the background, creating the perfect harmony for hundreds and hundreds of pictures. I mean, just look at the picture below, it's a feast for the eyes!

    You can find different spots according to your personality as well. You can visit the casino, the Spa, the Onboard Surf Simulator, Whirpools, the playroom, multiple lobbies, and even rest bellow a waterfall. 

    Royal Caribbean redefines the cruise experience with these previously mentioned onboard activities providing the passengers with a mix of relaxation and FUN!

    What about shopping?

    Another reason to choose Liberty of the Seas is the shopping experience you can live onboard. It takes you to another level, you can find anything from high-end boutiques to duty-free shops so you can have a therapy session at the sea. Just get your credit card ready.

    You can pick stores from famous designer brands, jewelry stores, and souvenirs. Whether you're looking for a stylish gift to take with you or the perfect jewelry for a loved one waiting for you at home, that is all up to you.

    The last reason we want to highlight why you should choose this Royal Caribbean ship is the experience you can have in every port. The amount of ports and destinations you have at your disposal is amazing. Beyond the luxury moments inside the ship, Liberty of the Seas opens the door to shore excursions that promise adventure at every port of call.

    Royal Caribbean is ready to offer you tours through ancient ruins, snorkeling activities in crystal-clear waters, or a relaxed cultural escape.

    We hope you had fun learning a little bit more about Liberty of the Seas. Want to plan your next trip aboard Royal Caribbean? Send us a message, and we will do our best to give you the best moments of your life.

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