• What To Expect on a 7-Night GREEK Isles Cruise?

    What To Expect on a 7-Night GREEK Isles Cruise?

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Jan 24, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 12, 2024

    What To Expect on a 7-Night GREEK Isles Cruise?

    Royal Caribbean Cruise Line is not only known for its innovative and impressive ships, but also for offering a great number of cruise destinations that will allow passengers to immerse in a multicultural experience and be stunned by incredible sights.

    A Mediterranean adventure

    There are plenty of cruises offered by one of our favorite cruise lines, Royal Caribbean. From cold summers in Alaska, where passengers can enjoy whale watching and many sea wonders, to a tropical experience in the Caribbean beaches, where guests can enjoy a good tan and water activities. The fun, however, goes way beyond that! 

    Royal Caribbean ship things to do liberty of the seas  1.webp

    If you wish to explore European lands, then this incredible cruise option might be the best one for you: a 7-night Greek Isles adventure is your next stop.

    A sneak peek at the ship

    As the saying goes, "When in Greece, do as the Greeks do” and Royal Caribbean knew it. That’s why this exciting trip is aboard one of the most comfortable and stunning ships of the fleet. 

    Liberty of the seas stateroom royal caribbean cruise line.webp

    We are talking about Voyager of the Seas, which is filled with dozens of surprises and onboard activities (Flowrider, Typhoon and Cyclone, Live Bands, Ice Skating Shows, and more) that will surely surpass your cruise expectations.

    royal caribbean liberty of the seas (3).webp

    Plus, the different accommodation options available and the culinary experience that will give a party of their own to your taste buds will make you fall in love with the one and only Voyager of the Seas.

    Port Royal Caribbean 2.webp

    Expected Itinerary

    For this Mediterranean cruise adventure, expect a journey filled with history, cultural exchange, gastronomical wonders and a lot of fun. On the first day, the cruise departs from Rome, Italy, specifically from Civitavecchia in the afternoon. The journey then continues!

    • First stop: Naples/Capri (Italy), passengers will have almost all day to explore historical wonders that these places offer.
    • Second stop: Sicily, specifically Palermo (Italy), all the afternoon plus part of the evening to enjoy.
    • Cruise Time! On the fourth day, passengers will have tons of time to indulge in the many activities, relaxation spots, and delicious food that the ship has to offer. It's important to recharge your energy!
    • Third stop: Santorini (Greece), all day passengers will be able to explore and be delighted by the natural beauty that thiscity has to offer.
    • Fourth stop: Ephesus, specifically Kusadasi (Turkey), the Temple of Artemis, and the Ephesus Theatre will be waiting for you, plus their tasty food.
    • Fifth stop: Mykonos (Greece), party and beauty won’t be missed at this wonderful stop. 
    • Final Stop: Athenas, specifically Piraeus (Greece), passengers will be arriving at the perfect time to enjoy the sunrise.
    Royal Caribbean Port Fort Lauderdale  (1).webp

    This is just a sneak peek of what can be expected at this wonderful adventure aboard this exciting cruise line. For more information, do not hesitate to contact our team! We will be happy to help you plan your next trip, plus make sure they meet all your expectations and requirements to make it the best cruise experience ever.

    Until the next one, dear traveler!

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