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Created: Apr 30, 2024

Last Updated: May 02, 2024

  • Year: 1982
  • Rides: 8/10
  • Atmosphere: 10/10
  • Dining: 10/10
  • Kids: 7/10
  • World Showcase
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Shopping
  • Dining

Epcot Review

Yes, that is the theme park with the giant white ball

Epcot is unlike most theme parks out there.

When you think of theme parks, you probably imagine roller coasters, carousels, and Mickey Mouse. When you think of Epcot, the first things that come to your mind are fancy restaurants, great shopping spots, and… yes, Mickey Mouse. Oh, and roller coasters as well. Epcot has, after all, one of the best roller coasters in the world in Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind.

Epcot Guardians Galaxy Ball.webp

Epcot definitely puts the “park” into “theme park”. This is a beautiful place to visit with your family, even if you just want to take a stroll and enjoy the view. Epcot is all about celebrating our world and different cultures, which you can see in the World Showcase, a massive area featuring eleven countries from Norway to France, Canada and Morocco, each country featuring their very own stores, restaurants and sometimes special attractions as well. 

While it might not have the most rides, Epcot stands out for its unique atmosphere. In my opinion, it's the best Disney park for adults, offering a blend of great rides and enjoyable attractions and places to explore. You can’t ask for much more than that.

Epcot Test Track Ride Vehicles.webp

The Good

If we have to talk about Epcot, then it’s fair to say that the World Showcase is the star of the show. Featuring eleven countries from all over the world, this massive area surrounds a beautiful lake and is filled with all sorts of attractions for guests. You can hop from one country to another within minutes! The countries featured here are:

  • Norway
  • Canada
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Japan
  • Morocco
  • France
  • China

Are you in Germany? Then maybe it’s time to buy a german beer. Are you visiting France? Have one of their delicious desserts (go for the éclair). Wait, you decided to go to the United Kingdom? Visit a typical English pub, and then buy a Manchester City jersey at one of their stores. The World Showcase offers something for everyone, and strolling around to discover what each country's stores have to offer is simply way too fun. It's also a nice touch that the cast members you encounter are actually from the countries they represent.

Epcot Rope Drop 4.webp

The World Showcase isn’t just about shopping and dining, oh no! You can also find rides and attractions here. In fact, one of the most popular rides is Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, which you can find in the France pavilion. Another good option, especially for kids is Frozen Ever After, a chilly boat ride where you are free to sing Let it Go from the moment you step into the queue.

Speaking of rides, Epcot has one of the best roller coasters in Disney World. In fact, cross out Disney from that sentence, Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind is one of the best coasters you can find anywhere. This indoor ride is comfortable, fun and fast. It’s also not too intense, so your entire family can enjoy it. I can't express enough how much I love this ride, so be sure to read our review for more details.

Moana Journey of water EPCOT disney world (4).webp

The Bad

Other fan favorite rides are Test Track and Soarin’, which are all family friendly as well. Some guests, however, think that Epcot could use more rides and attractions, and I kinda agree with them. Once you are done with Test Track, Guardians of the Galaxy and Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, your options for great rides take a massive hit. 

Still, I don’t think the objective of this park is to offer you hundreds and hundreds of rides. Epcot is about celebrating the world and giving you a nice twist to the idea of theme parks, and it succeeds pretty well.

Remy's Ratatouille Adventure  EPCOT.webp

Will Kids enjoy it?

It depends, honestly. Personally, I find Epcot to be great for toddlers because parents can easily walk with them and a stroller around the World Showcase. Epcot is also great for fans of Meet & Greets, especially children that love the Disney Princesses. Each country in the World Showcase hosts a different princess from time to time, so expect to see Mulan in China, Elsa & Anna in Norway, Belle in France and so on.

Teenagers might find Epcot a little bit boring. Sure, they will have fun in Test Track and Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, but Epcot mainly focuses on shopping, dining, and sightseeing, which typically don't capture teenagers' interest as much.

flower & garden fetsival EPCOT 1 (4).webp

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