• Rapunzel's Forest Is Coming to Fantasy Springs!

    Rapunzel's Forest Is Coming to Fantasy Springs!

    Gabriela V.

    Created: Mar 05, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 10, 2024

    Rapunzel's Forest Is Coming to Fantasy Springs!

    Counting the days to see this new land!

    If you love the movie “Tangled” as much as we do, Fantasy Springs in Tokyo Disney will be your next destination once it opens in June. Rapunzel's Forest will transport you into the world of magic, that same magic you felt when you watched the movie for the first time. This immersive new experience is inspired by the very land where Rapunzel spent her childhood.

    You will have the chance to enjoy Rapunzel's story like never before at Rapunzel's Lantern Festival, a first-ever event at Disney Parks. The journey unfolds at Rapunzel's tower, where she serenades from her window with "When Will My Life Begin," while her beloved Flynn Rider watches... probably mesmerized by such a beautiful melody. Aww!

    Following her daring escape from the tower with Flynn by her side, your adventure continues as you explore locations you'll likely recognize from the movie. 

    The journey culminates with their blossoming love at the Lantern Festival, accompanied by the cute song "I See The Light" and a dazzling array of glowing lanterns to create a truly unique moment. Ever since we first watched the movie, we've dreamed of seeing that colorful scene of floating lanterns come to life... and soon, that dream will become a reality!

    More Food to enjoy!

    If you are craving something to eat at this land, Disney is offering you “The Snuggly Duckling” as your go-to option, where you can bring to real life the tavern experience we see in so many fantasy movies. They will be offering cheeseburgers and a lot of food that you can eat like a true warrior.

    In case you want something to sweet your afternoon, they have the Sweet Ever After Dessert, which is served in a cute frying pan!

    This land will undoubtedly become one of our favorite destinations to visit. Our love for the Tangled movie runs deep, and Disney has truly outdone itself with this awesome creation. Want some extra help getting to Tokyo? Send us a message, and let us plan your trip together. Sayonara, friend! 

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