• The Curious Story of a Barber in Disneyland Paris

The Curious Story of a Barber in Disneyland Paris

Gabriela V.

Created: Mar 05, 2024

Last Updated: Apr 10, 2024

The Curious Story of a Barber in Disneyland Paris

Behind the magic of Disneyland... Haircuts!?

When you step into Disneyland Paris and opt for a fresh haircut, you're in for a magical Disneyxperience crafted by none other than the talented cast members. Allow us to introduce Florent, the skilled barber at Dapper Dan's Hair Cuts, hailed as one of the favorite cast members by guests.

Florent's journey began with cutting hair for shows in France, but his ultimate dream was to work for Disney. Now, as he celebrates two years at Disneyland Paris, he reflects, "When I was little, I never imagined I'd become the barber... but there's truly no better place than Disneyland Paris!"

At Dapper Dan's Hair Cuts, Florent goes beyond simply cutting hair: he forms genuine connections with each guest who takes a seat in his chair. Curiously, one loyal customer even travels all the way from Los Angeles to Disneyland Paris just to have his beard trimmed by Florent. That's certainly something we don't see every day!

I mean, does that customer goes to Paris every two weekends? Is that customer a Hollywood Celebrity? Maybe it's Elon Musk? Spill the beans, Florent! ...okay, no need, keep that secret with you.

Guests are coming since 1992!

Dapper Dan's Hair Cuts has been serving customers since the park's opening in 1992, and many of these initial visitors have become loyal clients over the years. This dedicated cast member shares that every time someone leaves the barbershop, they depart with joy, having experienced satisfaction with the service provided. This epitomizes the essence of Disney: spreading joy and delivering excellent service to every guest! Mickey is also proud of you, Florent.

What makes Florent different from the rest?

Florent is one of those barbers that continues to use the old-style barbering techniques, which his customers love. He makes them feel like they can experience the feeling of a true barbershop. You know what that means: straight razors, old techniques, piano music in the background and more. 

Now, we're quite intrigued about the cost of getting our beard trimmed by Florent. Perhaps it's time to consider booking a trip to Disneyland Paris to find out... hm! And hey, if you're pondering what other activities await you at Disneyland Paris, Famvia is your ultimate guide

Feel free to shoot us a message with any additional questions, and we'll get back to you promptly. Until next time, friend!

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