• The KEY decisions for your 2024 Disney World Adventure!

    The KEY decisions for your 2024 Disney World Adventure!

    Gabriela V.

    Created: Dec 15, 2023

    Last Updated: Dec 15, 2023

    The KEY decisions for your 2024 Disney World Adventure!

    Tik Tak, Tik Tak, 5,4,3,2,1...

    We think we are ready to start the countdown to our Disney escapades for next year. For those who haven't yet charted their course to the most magical place on earth, fear not! There's still so much time to plan your next journey. 

    However, before you set sail on your Disney adventure, here are five important decisions that will demand your attention!

    When To Go?


    The timing of your Disney World expedition can significantly impact your overall experience. While summer, long weekends, and holidays are popular choices, they also bring more crowds. Surprisingly, the no-holiday periods aren't foolproof either, especially in 2024 with numerous construction projects underway. Research the period you plan to visit, as unexpected changes or new attractions might unfold, impacting your magical journey.

    Which Hotel To Book?

    Selecting the right hotel is more than merely picking a room. Whether opting for a Value, Moderate, or Deluxe Resort on Disney property, you must also consider ongoing construction projects. While many hotels are expanding or undergoing renovations, construction sites might dampen the vacation atmosphere. Stay updated on the latest construction news with us. 

    Should You Get The Disney Dining Plan?

    Disney Dining Plans 4.avif

    The return of the Disney Dining Plan in January 2024 adds another layer to your planning. While this plan offers the convenience of prepaying for meals and snacks, it may not be the best option for you if you prefer to eat outside the parks and not spend time sitting down to have lunch.

    Should You Buy Park Hopper?


    With Disney World's park hopping rules returning to normal in early 2024, the decision to purchase a Park Hopper ticket comes with a little bit of more thinking because there is a lot to review. 

    Since Disney shut down in response to the pandemic, Disney instituted some new rules. Now park hopping is a little bit more difficult than usual, but you can do it starting at 2 pm each day. With this rule, we generally recommend one park per day and to save the extra money you would save on souvenirs or a great dining experience! 

    However, beginning January 9, 2024 guests with an annual pass OR a park hopper ticket can jump between parks at any time of day. Because of this, we think it can make a lot of sense to grab a park hopper ticket if you have a short trip. If you have a leisurely trip planned, then it may be worth saving your money... but with the 2 pm rule gone (which is AWESOME!), we think park hopper tickets are BACK BABY!

    Consider consulting with professionals like us so you will have less stress in making these decisions. Stay tuned for the latest Disney news, tips, and tricks, as we're here to guide you on your quest for enchantment in the world of Disney! 🏰✨

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