• A few DISNEY attractions you won't see for a while in 2024

    A few DISNEY attractions you won't see for a while in 2024

    Gabriela V.

    Created: Dec 15, 2023

    Last Updated: Dec 15, 2023

    A few DISNEY attractions you won't see for a while in 2024

    The countdown to 2024 begins, and of course, we are already planning your magical adventures for the upcoming year. However, before we finalize your itinerary, you must be aware of some attractions that will be temporarily closing their doors for refurbishments or undergoing significant transformations starting in 2024.

    Here's the list we made with most of the closures that we know about.

    1. Fuentes del Morro Pool (January-Late March 2024)

    1. Fuentes del Morro Pool (January-Late March 2024)-.avif

    Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort will close the Fuentes del Morro Pool for a brief period starting January 9th. Don't worry, because the resort offers five other pools that will remain open during this refurbishment.

    2. Doubloon Lagoon Pool (January-Late March 2024)
    Doubloon Lagoon Pool (January-Late March 2024)-.webp

    Similarly, Disney's Port Orleans French Quarter's Doubloon Lagoon Pool will be undergoing refurbishment from January 9th onwards.

    3. Disney Skyliner (January 16th-January 27th)

    3. Disney Skyliner (January 16th-January 27th)-.webp

    Prepare for a temporary pause in the magical journey of the Disney Skyliner from January 16th through January 21st. The routes connecting Caribbean Beach Resort, Riviera Resort, and EPCOT will take a bit longer to reopen, extending until January 27th.

    4. Blizzard Beach (To Be Defined Spring 2024)

    4. Blizzard Beach (To Be Defined Spring 2024)-.jpg

    We don't have specific dates because it hasn't been announced, but Blizzard Beach is expected to close its doors sometime in the spring of 2024. Keep an eye out for updates! 

    5. Country Bears Jamboree (To Be Defined 2024)

    5. Country Bears Jamboree (To Be Defined 2024)-.avif

    Exciting changes await Frontierland at Magic Kingdom, as the Country Bears Jamboree is going through a makeover inspired by classic Nashville variety shows. We don't have the exact closure and reopening dates are pending, the new show is anticipated to make its debut in 2024.

    6. It's Tough To Be A Bug? (Possible Closure 2024)

    6. It's Tough To Be A Bug?.avif

    Animal Kingdom's "It's Tough to be a Bug!" has been chosen for a transformation into a new Zootopia show. While the closure dates are uncertain, the change is expected to happen sometime in 2024. Keep an eye out for further announcements.

    7. Test Track (Possible Closure 2024)


    EPCOT's Test Track is set to undergo a retheming in the future. While there's no confirmed schedule for the retheme, it might kick off in 2024 or extend into 2025. Stay tuned for updates.

    While these closures might alter your original plans, rest assured that Disney is constantly innovating to enhance your future experiences, so don't panic! They are going to come up with something new and amazing next year. 

    Stay tuned to Famvia for the latest updates on reopening dates and new attractions coming your way in 2024! Send us a message if you want to talk about anything DIsney-related, or if you want to set up your next trip to the Happiest Place on Earth and say hi to Mickey.

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