• The Special 2024 Merch is Now AVAILABLE on shopDisney!

    The Special 2024 Merch is Now AVAILABLE on shopDisney!

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Dec 18, 2023

    Last Updated: Dec 18, 2023

    The Special 2024 Merch is Now AVAILABLE on shopDisney!

    This year is coming to an end… in almost two weeks, we are going to be saying thanks and goodbye to the many memories that were created in 2023. 

    A special thanks should be given to our beloved Disney, which brought us so many surprises, delicious food, new attractions, and some of our favorite souvenirs of all time!

    Let's start the year on a high note

    Even though the year hasn’t finished yet, is important to start getting ready for 2024 and welcome it with the most exciting collection of all time.

    Disney has officially released its 2024 collection on shopDisney, where you can find from 2024 hoodies and matching shirts to decorative ornaments, which come accompanied by our favorite Disney Characters, how amazing!

    And the Top 5 goes to...

    Let’s unpack our top five favorites from this unique and anticipated collection, which, we have to add, is perfect for New Year’s Eve!

    Mickey Mouse Hoodie for Adults – Walt Disney World 2024

    This hoodie is the perfect go-to for every occasion (except for a wedding, of course, unless you want to outshine the bride...) The perfect black background allows the Disney design to truly pop out making it unique and perfect for this Season. 


    shopdisney 2024.JPG


    Mickey and Minnie Mouse Light-Up Ear Hat Ornament – Disneyland 2024

    Oh, look at this wonderful ornament, this will make a statement at your home, with its vibrant pallet of colors and classic yet creative design. It makes us wonder, could this be even more cute? I think the answer can be, mmm I don't think so, just look at it!


    shopdisney 2024 1.JPG

    Walt Disney World 2024 T-Shirt for Adults

    This has to be one of our favorites, I mean, just by looking at it, it transmits so much fun and a modern style thanks to the design and colors. It's already in our wishlist!


    shopdisney 2024 2.JPG


    Mickey Mouse and Friends Loungefly Mini Backpack – Disneyland 2024

    Disney is known for its Iconic Loungefly Backpack, therefore, this backpack is a must for your collection, and we love it so much because they released a mini version as well!  It just seems perfect for several Disney visits, right?


    shopdisney 2024 3.JPG


    Mickey Mouse Tie-Dye Long Sleeve T-Shirt for Adults – Disneyland 2024

    Tie-dye style is always timeless, especially with a Disney-designed kind of "sweater" as such, with the iconic Cinderella Castle, numerous rides, and Mickey Mouse in the center, how cool!


    shopdisney 2024 4.JPG

    It's your time to choose

    Can you choose your favorites already? If we are being honest, we want them all. They are a must-have!

    Stay tuned for the latest releases from shopdisney, we are keeping an eye out when hunting the best options available for all Disney Fans out there. Send us a message if you want to share your favorite picks, or if you want to plan your next trip to the Happiest Place on Earth. See ya!

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