• THREE New Mexican Restaurants Coming to Disneyland

THREE New Mexican Restaurants Coming to Disneyland

Luiz Alberto H.

Created: Apr 10, 2024

Last Updated: Apr 15, 2024

THREE New Mexican Restaurants Coming to Disneyland

That's a lot of tacos and margaritas coming to California

Arriba, muchachos! Downtown Disney in Disneyland is getting not one, not two, but three brand new Mexican restaurants in the new future. The new restaurants will be coming this Spring and opening in the next few weeks, and are called: Paseo, Céntrico and Tiendita. Each one of them has a different concept in mind, but all of them are headed by Michelin-starred Chef Carlos Gaytán.

Disneyland Downtown restaurant Paseo.webp

Don’t know what it means to get a Michelin star? Michelin stars are “awarded to restaurants using top quality ingredients, where dishes with distinct flavors are prepared to a consistently high standard”. That’s according to their official website, anyway. In practice, it means that the restaurant rocks, plain and simple.

Let’s get a closer look at them.


Disneyland Downtown restaurant Paseo 2.webp

This seems to be the most luxurious option of the three. According to Disney Park Blogs, the menu here will include colorful ceviches, Mama’s cochinita pibil (roasted marinated pork), lamb barbacoa and the mejillones (mussels). This restaurant will also have a great atmosphere and amazing views, with an upper patio floor giving guests a great view of the entire Downtown district.


Disneyland Downtown restaurant Centrico.webp

Céntrico promises an energetic atmosphere where you could even throw a party. It’s a courtyard bar and restaurant which will also present guests with several different cocktails, and we do know that Mexicans know a thing or two about tequilas and margaritas. The menu will include chicken enchiladas, tlayuda (a Oaxacan shareable dish reminiscent of a pizza with a perfect crunch) and a very special Caesar salad, which ranks amongst Chef Gaytán’s favorites. 


There is a good chance that Tiendita will rank as the most casual option of the three. Tiendita is all about experiencing Mexican food on the go. You order your food at a nearby kiosk, wait for your order and that’s it. This makes this restaurant perfect for a quick bite or if you are coming here for breakfast. Tiendita promises a menu with fish tacos, ice cream-stuffed chocolate tacos, and breakfast favorites like chorizo breakfast burritos and chilaquiles.

Are you looking forward to this great fiesta coming to Disneyland? I do love Mexican food and I can eat dozens of tacos in a single sitting. Oh yeah, burritos also rank amongst some of my favorite dishes out there. I also respect the fact that Mexican food can be delicious without being very expensive. 

We still don’t have an idea of prices for these restaurants, but let’s keep our fingers crossed that they won’t break the bank. I really want to try every single new restaurant and then choose my favorite.

How about you? Are you thrilled about the dining options expanding at Disneyland? Share your thoughts with us, and don't forget to dish out your favorite picks for a bite there. Until next time!

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