• Cruising to Hawaii? Norwegian Is Your Best Bet!

Cruising to Hawaii? Norwegian Is Your Best Bet!

Gabriela V.

Created: Mar 22, 2024

Last Updated: Apr 07, 2024

Cruising to Hawaii? Norwegian Is Your Best Bet!

This is why Norwegian is your best choice!

If Hawaii is a dream vacation destination for you, consider cruising with NCL's Pride of America for an experience you will never forget. You might be thinking... why

Well, unlike most cruise lines, NCL's Pride of America is uniquely flagged under the United States, which means they are allowed to navigate free among the Hawaiian Islands without making stops in foreign countries to comply with U.S. law.

Yes, other cruise lines departing from ports like Los Angeles often include stops in foreign countries like Mexico en route to Hawaii. This requirement can lead to substantial time spent at sea, limiting the time available for exploring the Hawaiian Islands.

But that is not the case if you choose to do it with NCL's Pride of America. You can maximize your time in Hawaii! If you sail directly to the Hawaiian Islands and remain in nearby U.S. waters throughout the journey, you'll have more opportunities to discover the beauty and culture of Hawaii. No one would prefer to spend days at sea traveling to foreign ports. With NGL, you'll have more time to explore landscapes, experience local traditions, and enjoy the delicious Hawaiian cuisine.

Additionally, with Pride of America, you have the convenience of simply flying to and from the mainland, removing the need for lengthy return journeys by sea. This turns into a more enjoyable Hawaiian cruise experience. 

Now Hawaii is truly calling your name, and Norwegian Cruise Line's Pride of America offers the perfect way to answer that call and embark on an incredible island adventure.

Hold on, because we can make this adventure even better. By booking your voyage with us, you won’t experience any stress during your free days on the cruise. We'll take care of everything you need, so you can simply pack your bags and enjoy!

Just make sure to stock on sunscreen.

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