• Five Tips for Cruising With Norwegian Cruise Line!

Five Tips for Cruising With Norwegian Cruise Line!

Gabriela V.

Created: Mar 20, 2024

Last Updated: Apr 07, 2024

Five Tips for Cruising With Norwegian Cruise Line!

Things to Know About Sailing Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line offers upscale cruises, ideal for couples seeking a luxurious experience. Before purchasing your cruise ticket with us, there are a few key things you should know about sailing with Norwegian Cruise Line. Here's what you need to know:

Choose Newer Ships for More Fun

Norwegian has introduced some amazing new ships recently, like the Joy, Bliss, Encore, Prima, and Viva. These ships offer tons of cool stuff to do, like go-karting and virtual reality. They're even more luxurious than the older ones, so it's worth considering sailing on them for a better experience.

Get the Cruise Norwegian App

This app is super easy to use and it's free! It helps you navigate the ship, plan your day, keep track of your spending, and even book activities and excursions. Plus, you don't need to pay for onboard Wi-Fi to use it.

Book Early, REALLY!

Everyone recommends this, and it's true. With so many people onboard and limited spots for activities and restaurants, it's smart to make reservations as soon as possible. It might seem dramatic, but this ensures you get to enjoy everything you want without missing out.

Watch Out for Gratuity Costs

Norwegian's "Free at Sea" offer sounds great and excellent, BUT remember that you might still have to pay extra for certain perks, like drink packages. This can add up a lot to your budget, so be aware of the extra costs.

Prices for "Free at Sea" Might Be Higher

As we mentioned, the "Free at Sea" offer is amazing, but keep in mind that the overall price of your cruise might be higher if you choose this option. Sometimes, cabins eligible for the perks have a higher base price. So, it's important to do some comparison shopping before deciding. 

That's why Famvia is your best choice for planning your entire vacation. By keeping these tips in mind, you'll be well-prepared for fantastic days with Norwegian Cruise Line! Of course, you can always send us a message if you have any questions, and we will do our best to help you out when it comes to ships, destinations, and everything else so you can have the most amazing vacation. Until the next one!

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