• Frequently Asked Questions Before Going to Cococay!

    Frequently Asked Questions Before Going to Cococay!

    Gabriela V.

    Created: Jan 16, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 12, 2024

    Frequently Asked Questions Before Going to Cococay!

    What is more Perfect than Perfect Day at CocoCay?

    Royal Caribbean is the owner of one of our favorite destinations when it comes to cruises. Just think about an unforgettable island getaway filled with sun-kissed adventures! Just don't imagine thrills and water parks only, because here you can relax at the most beautiful private beaches in the world.

    If you are planning to spend a day in Cococay, we are ready to answer some of the most common questions you might have.

    1. Do I Need to Bring Cash?

    This a BIG question and the answer is... MAYBE. Perfect Day at CocoCay operates on the SeaPass card system, so basically everything you consume will be charged to this system, allowing you to use your onboard account purchases. It is a good idea, however, to carry some cash for local market tips or any emergency.

    2. Can I Use Wi-Fi on the Island?

    Don’t worry, you will post your pictures instantly because you will stay connected with the complementary Voom Wi-Fi available on Perfect Day at CocoCay. Just one thing to keep in mind is the internet speed, which can vary a lot in different spots of the island.

    3. Are Beach Towels Provided, or Should I Bring My Own?

    You don’t need to pack beach towels, because Royal Caribbean has your back and they provide them on the island. Feel free to use them for water activities or simply to put them on your chair.

    4. What Dining Options Are Available, and Can I Use My Dining Package?

    You will have the chance to try different delicious food options like Skipper's Grill and Chill Grill. Most food venues on CocoCay are complimentary, but you can find some places where you will have to pay for it. Relax, it's worth it!

    5. Is Thrill Waterpark Included in My Cruise Fare?

    Unfortunately NO, Thrill Waterpark comes with an additional cost, but it’s a completely different experience than the ones on a cruise. IMPORTANT TIP: If you want to add the Waterpark, try buying it before your visit. You can save up to 50%, which is not bad at all.

    6. How Do I Reserve Cabanas or Beach Beds?

    If you want to elevate even more your island experience you can book Cabanas or Beach beds in advance through the Cruise Planner on the Royal Caribbean website.

    Let’s BOOK NOW!

    Prepare for a Perfect Day at CocoCay with all these questions now answered. We can book a session to discuss whatever else you need! Want to set up your magical trip to this Royal Caribbean gem? Send us a message and let us handle everything for you.

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