• The BEST Restaurants at Cococay

    The BEST Restaurants at Cococay

    Gabriela V.

    Created: Jan 15, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 14, 2024

    The BEST Restaurants at Cococay

    We are big FANS of this destination!

    We previously mentioned that there are so many AMAZING things to see and do on Perfect Day at CocoCay in the precious Bahamas, which includes visiting waterfalls and a water park for the kids... but the FOOD needs a whole new segment! 

    You can’t enjoy all the best dishes in one day, but we can try to start mentioning the BEST restaurants on this private island.

    Skipper’s Grill

    This is one of the first restaurants you will find as soon as you get to Perfect Day at CocoCay. 

    Skipper’s Grill is located right on the harbor. This one is a fan favorite since it’s part of the island's FREE dining venues! It has everything for EVERYONE on the menu. You can enjoy crisp salads, sandwiches, tasty tacos, and guacamole, and let’s not forget juicy burgers and other family-friendly favorites hot off the grill.

    You can’t miss the fresh tropical fruits and the number of desserts you will have in front of you tempting you at all times. Double chocolate chip caramel brownies, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, and refreshing ice cream. Now that you imagined the perfect moment, add the special touch that everything will be served in front of beautiful clear waters from the Bahamas!

    Captain Jack's

    Jack’s is the best place to pretend to be a local while enjoying the perks of being a tourist. Live music sets the vibe into a total tropical paradise. 

    The menu here is a la carte and the spotlight is the golden steak fries and chicken wings served up with their signature sauces that include: Tequila, lime, chipotle, parmesan and peppercorn, honey mustard, and sambal garlic aioli. There is a full bar and hanging rope swing seat to help you relax just a little bit more than usual.


    The next recommendation inside Perfect Day at Cococay is to head to Oasis Lagoon. This is the largest freshwater pool in the Caribbean and you’ll discover the swim-up bar in the tropics. It has several tables inside the water, this only means one thing... TROPICAL COCKTAILS! You have to let the bartenders surprise you with a perfect Coco Loco which is the island's signature drink.

    Important Reminder!

    As in the other bars around the island, alcoholic beverages are served at an additional cost, but if you purchased a drink package you can definitely use it on Perfect Day at CocoCay!

    You are more than welcome here in Famvia to book a session with us so we can start planning YOUR next PERFECT day at CocoCay! Send us a message, and we will plan everything for you, from the ship that best fits your preferences all the way to the best drink to enjoy in Oasis Lagoon. Until the next one!

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