• Let Us Introduce You to "The PEARL" Aboard Royal Caribbean

    Let Us Introduce You to "The PEARL" Aboard Royal Caribbean

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Dec 21, 2023

    Last Updated: Dec 21, 2023

    Let Us Introduce You to "The PEARL" Aboard Royal Caribbean

    Royal Caribbean Cruise Line never disappoints in cruise ship innovation, and proves one more time why they are still considered one of the best Cruise Lines in the industry. Yeah, you guessed it right, they are bringing over a mindblowing feature for 2024.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, The Pearl has arrived

    This amazing cruise line is introducing its latest structural revolution onboard their brand-new vessel, Icon of the Seas, which is scheduled to debut in January 2024 with its first sail in the high seas. 

    Passengers will be able to immerse in a multifunctional architectural amusement that has the round shape and white color pallet of a pearl. Plus, the vibrant interior will make you feel connected uniquely with the ocean. I mean, take a look at that picture below, doesn't it look like straight from a fantasy book or something? Aquaman would be proud.


    icon of the seas the pearl.JPG

    A new signature element for Royal Caribbean Cruises?

    The Royal Promenade has become an integral part of the cruise line’s ships, starting with Voyager of the Seas and now functioning as the Icon of the Seas core. We see it as basically its soul. Also, we are looking forward to seeing this royal staple in future projects, why not, a “The Pearl” in each of the new ships would make it even more iconic and remarkable for all passengers, don’t you agree? Maybe different formats and colors could be a nice touch.

    But wait, what is The Pearl about?

    Ok, imagine this a mega-structure made out of steel, with a 16-meter diameter in the shape of a ginormous sphere that is giving support to all the staterooms above. It's even taller than the Hollywood Sign! Yep, you read that right, the one located in California, THAT sign! Quite impressive we have to agree, we still cannot imagine it inside the ship, it will be an eye-catching spot for sure. Oh well, time to clear data in our cameras for more pictures.


    icon of the sea desk plans.JPG

    A Royal Promenade as no other...

    This new addition will be a unique immersive experience for all passengers aboard. Icon of the Seas will offer guests a 362-foot-long Royal Promenade aboard, where a vast number of fresh experiences will be available for all guests. 

    At the same time, passengers will become mesmerized by the mindblowing design and the center of attention, the one and only The Pearl! 

    Certainly, it will be difficult to look away from this artistical structure located in the center of everything.

    How long does it took to create this innovative concept?

    The creation of The Pearl wasn’t an easy road, but after two years of hard work and trials and errors, the final result was better than expected. Jay Schneider, Chief Product Innovation Officer for Royal Caribbean International describes it as “...a bit art, a bit, sculpture, a bit experience, a bit WOW.” This increases more and more our desire to see it and be amazed by its uniqueness in real life!


    icon of the sea the pearl.JPG

    Let the countdown begin

    In exactly 10 days we will be giving a warm welcome to 2024, and the arrival of the long-awaited Icon of the Seas will be closer than ever!

    We are so thrilled to finally be able to submerge into this new adventure hand in hand with one of our favorite cruise lines of all time. And what about you, are you ready as well? Contact us and let us help you plan an incredible voyage aboard this remarkable cruise ship.

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