• Royal Caribbean Is Ready to Start a MAJOR Construction

    Royal Caribbean Is Ready to Start a MAJOR Construction

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Dec 26, 2023

    Last Updated: Dec 26, 2023

    Royal Caribbean Is Ready to Start a MAJOR Construction

    The future of Royal Caribbean is bright

    With only 32 days to go, passengers are on the tip of their toes and filled with excitement to try out the brand-new Royal Caribbean ship, Icon of the Seas. This is the first Icon class ship, and promises to be one of the best cruises of 2024, which even has Lionel Messi as a Godfather. Crazy, huh?

    messi royal caribbean.JPG

    There is a new Star in sight!

    However, Royal Caribbean has been storing in the oven another surprise for all their fans. The second Icon class ship is closer to becoming a reality, and is expected to debut in the summer of 2025. That’s right, Royal Caribbean’s highly anticipated ship, Star of the Seas, is one step closer to the open sea, and we cannot wait to see finally get on board!

    The project is coming to life

    The exceptional cruise line has officially started to bring to life this wonderful vessel, which we are hoping will be slightly larger than its forerunner, Icon of the Seas (the company hasn’t stated the contrary). The bigger the better, right? Well... not exactly, but maybe that's true when we are talking about those majestic machines of the seas.


    star of the seas.JPG

    A traditional celebration took place...

    Last week, Royal Caribbean rolled out the red carpet for an important celebration to commemorate an important milestone. The first block was laid at Meyer Turku shipyard (Turku, Finland), indicating the initiation of Star of the Seas construction.

    Did you know this interesting fact?

    It is a maritime superstition to lay the keel on newly minted coins to assure good fortune for the vessel and the crew, especially during its construction. Others state it is a way to pay to the ghosts of the sea, so the ship can have a safe trip. Either way, it's a meaningful celebration for every new ship that is about to be constructed, making it a more memorable moment for everyone (including the mermaids and sea creatures).

    Fans cannot wait to be stunned by the outcome of Star of the Seas, us included! This is more significant when the cruise line has promised what is considered to be this “sequel as good as the original” will surpass Icon of the Seas in trills, excitement, and the amount of wows guests will say when entering the ship.


    icon of the seas 2.JPG

    Are you ready for your next adventure?

    For the moment, let’s take it easy with one step at a time. Start by booking your next year’s vacation aboard the OG Icon Class ship, Icon of the Seas. Contact us and do not hesitate to ask any further questions about this new adventure that our beloved Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines has prepared for you!

    Until the next one dear cruise lover!

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