• We Need MORE Themed Cruise Ships

We Need MORE Themed Cruise Ships

Luiz Alberto H.

Created: Apr 11, 2024

Last Updated: Apr 15, 2024

We Need MORE Themed Cruise Ships

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I've got a little secret to share: I absolutely adore traveling and leaving the worries of everyday life behind when I'm abroad. Whether I'm cruising, exploring a theme park, or simply unwinding in the Bahamas, my goal is always the same: to disconnect from reality, have a blast, and recharge my batteries.

You know what's another fantastic way to escape the world? Immersing yourself in a whole new universe! That's why places like Galaxy's Edge in Hollywood Studios and the Haunted Mansions during Halloween Horror Nights in Universal Studios draw in so many people. Even just settling in to binge-watch a favorite TV series can transport us to different realms and let our imaginations soar.

Disney Wish Cruise Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge 2.webp

That's precisely why we could use more themed cruise ships! Cruise ships are tailor-made for themed parties, offering the perfect setting to leave reality behind and dive headfirst into a brand-new world. I'm all for seeing more themed cruises. Not just one-off themed nights, but short 3-7 day voyages designed to whisk passengers away to exciting new realms.
So, let's brainstorm some ideas for themed ships that could offer fun for passengers from all corners of the globe. And hey, maybe we'll stumble upon a few concepts that aren't exactly that great…


A Fallout-based cruise ship could be amazing. The games are extremely popular, and the Amazon series is getting pretty good reviews, attracting a brand new audience and making waves across the Internet. 

Imagine if, instead of a Vault, we got a whole ship themed after this universe? Guests could receive their jumpsuits when boarding the ship, and there would be a lot of songs from the 50s playing everywhere. There could be special parties featuring some of the most dangerous creatures of the Wasteland, like Deathclaws and Super Mutants. Oh, imagine also if you had access to your very own Pip-Boy? Now this would be very cool.

Universal Monsters

Epic Universe Dark Universe.webp

Universal is huge. So big, in fact, that they have some of the best theme parks in the world in Islands of Adventure and are ready to launch Epic Universe in Florida next year. There are even rumors of a new Universal park in the United Kingdom! Let’s just say that they are on a roll.

So, how about a Halloween themed ship that is all about the Universal Monsters? The Mummy, Frankenstein, Dracula… they have a very impressive lineup of bloodthirsty creatures that could give guests a really good time. Imagine nightly costume parties, awesome shows, and presentations centered around these beloved monsters. And for an extra touch of nostalgia, picture cabins where classic movies from the 20s and 30s play in black and white, adding to the immersive atmosphere.

A Fantasy World

Yes, we are aboard a massive cruise ship, but how about transforming it into a Medieval world? We could have the staff walking around as warriors, sorcerers, clerics and paladins. This would basically be Dungeons & Dragons, but in… cruise-ship form! Maybe even add a spice of steampunk and have a few robots walking around as well? The possibilities are endless for this one.

Imagine attending costume parties where elves mingle with powerful mages and fearsome orcs. And what's a medieval adventure without nightly movie parties featuring classics like The Lord of the Rings and The Princess Bride? You could relax in the swimming pool on the top deck while a band of elves serenades you with their harp melodies nearby. And speaking of music, we could also set up a traditional tavern onboard, complete with bards strumming tunes as guests enjoy a (large) mug of beer.

The World Showcase Tour

Japan epcot world showcase Disney.webp

This themed cruise concept would align perfectly with Disney Cruise Line. Think about the World Showcase in Epcot, where you can journey through multiple countries in just a couple of hours, explore merchandise from all corners of the Earth, and savor diverse cuisine. Now, close your eyes and picture this experience recreated within a cruise ship, where each room is themed after a different country. Guests could easily travel from one country to another, experiencing the rich cultures and delights of each destination without ever leaving the ship.

This cruise ship would offer an incredible experience for guests of all ages. Imagine nightly parties themed after specific countries, such as a Dia de los Muertos celebration to honor Mexico. The food would be amazing, and even stores could be rethemed to offer stuff you wouldn’t find anywhere else. C’mon, Disney, just do it.

The Titanic

Better not.

Star Wars

Disney Wish Cruise Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge.webp

Another very easy idea that could become an amazing themed ship. In fact, this could very well be just a ship made in honor of Star Wars, and be themed all year long! Disney tried to bring Star Wars to life before with their Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser hotel, but it was way too expensive and it ended up shutting down. How about trying it again, but instead of a hotel, making it a cruise?

Guests could live the Star Wars experience as if they are inside a huge Star Destroyer or just a Rebel base. We could have staff members dressed as Jedi, Bounty Hunters and more walking around. Of course that iconic characters could make an appearance, from Chewbacca to R2-D2, Rey and the Mandalorian. The possibilities here are endless. There is a Star Wars bar in the Disney Wish called the Hyperspace Lounge, so just take that atmosphere and expand it to a whole ship. Thanks, Disney!

Greek Gods

I love Greek mythology, and imagining a themed ship for cruises visiting Greece sounds like a brilliant idea. Everyone aboard could be adorned in elegant robes, with select staff members dressed as iconic figures like Zeus, Apollo, Aphrodite, and Athena. The ship could host captivating shows inspired by Greek myths and even feature a competition reminiscent of the Olympics. It's a great concept that would bring the rich history and legends of Greece to life for all passengers to enjoy.

What about you, do you have any cool ideas for themed cruise ships? Share them with us! We would love to hear your suggestions and if we indeed need more cruise ships out there. Until the next one!

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