• What Crazy Stuff Will We See on Cruise Ships in the Future?

What Crazy Stuff Will We See on Cruise Ships in the Future?

Luiz Alberto H.

Created: Apr 08, 2024

Last Updated: Apr 09, 2024

What Crazy Stuff Will We See on Cruise Ships in the Future?

Cruise ships are getting crazier and crazier with each passing year. Royal Caribbean’s Icon of the Seas is already five times bigger than the Titanic, and “only” a century sets them apart. But it's not just about size anymore. Nowadays, cruise ships are decked out with some of the craziest attractions imaginable, like go-kart tracks, ice skating rinks, giant water slides, and yes, even roller coasters. Yeah, someone once woke up thinking “we should put a roller coaster on top of that thing” and, somehow, it just works.

So, what can we expect to see on cruise ships in the future? Famvia selected a few crazy things that we may see in the next decade or so. Some of these choices seem really… weird… but one thing is certain: never doubt what we humans can do when it’s all about stacking one thing on top of another and making it look wild. I guess we learned it from Legos or something.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Flowrider.webp


We already have giant swimming pools in almost every cruise ship imaginable. In fact, a lot of cruise ships have several of them, ranging from tiny swimming pools made specifically for young guests to huge pools where you can relax and have a good time. Many of these pools even feature specific shows at certain times and are heated just to make you feel that much better. So, how can you surpass something like that?

Easy, let’s put a beach on top of that ship. Yes, with real sand and salt water. Something akin to those private beaches you sometimes see in newspapers which belong to a big-time celebrity, you know? We can have artificial waves there and everything to remind you that you are actually enjoying a beach on board a cruise ship, like sand castles, a barbecue and people walking near you kicking sand in your lap. Fun!


This one will probably happen sooner or later. A cruise ship that is all about… houses and big apartment buildings! Imagine a hotel or a neighborhood that exists floating in the ocean. You buy a house there and live inside the cruise ship… forever! 
Everything you need is there for you, from shopping malls, a hospital and even a school. Do you think we will see floating cities like this in the future? I do think that there is a possibility. The fun thing is that every time of the year you can be somewhere new and different. In January you are cruising near Brazil to enjoy Carnaval, and then in July you are stopping by Greece to check the beautiful Greek isles. 

There would be a real sense of community with you talking to the same people over and over again. Wait, this could get boring, so maybe this is actually a disadvantage? Hm, I think it depends on your personality. Well, I do think this will happen in the future (if it doesn’t exist already), maybe in a few decades or when a zombie outbreak finally happens and people need to live out there in the ocean.


A Submarine

Let’s put a submarine on that cruise ship, oh yeahhhh! This one will probably take a few decades to happen, but imagine if cruise ships aren't just getting bigger and going up, but they're also going… down! No, not going down as in sinking, Jesus Christ, I mean with stuff built under them where you can't see!

Yeah, lower levels that go below sea levels, where passengers can chill and watch great white sharks and giant squids from the comfort of their room. Can you imagine if technology gets so advanced that the lower levels actually have transparent walls so you can just stare at the sea? Being pretty realistic, there's a small chance that you would be able to see anything other than a huge blur when the cruise is in motion, but it would be a cool gimmick once you stop at a port and can see fishes swimming around you.

Disney Wish cruise deck.webp

An Automated Cruise ship

Robots are already a reality on some cruise ships out there. You might find a C3PO or R2-D2 bartender serving drinks. But now, imagine a cruise ship entirely run by robots and fully automated! There's no traditional captain; instead, a central AI controls the entire system, guiding the ship across the ocean.

Every crew member is a robot available 24/7 to assist and serve guests. They'll take care of your room, serve your meals, and handle everything else to ensure you have a fantastic time. They might even participate in special live shows, beating the s*** out of each other similar to Medieval Times in Florida.

Everything would be super fun, until a bug in the central AI makes every robot turn against you. But maybe that's part of the charm! Now, the cruise becomes an adventure for survival in the middle of the ocean. And if you survive, you can even write a book about it.

Are you laughing? Seriously, I don’t doubt that in a few years big transportation methods like airplanes and cruises become automated in some form.

So, What is Next?

What would YOU like to see in a cruise ship next? Or what do you think people will put on top of cruise ships in the next few years? Maybe someone will decide to build a soccer stadium there? Maybe a high security prison? Or maybe they will put a cruise ship on top of a cruise ship? You never know…

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